Destiny 2’s new raid is broken – a bug prevents you from getting parts of your loot

Destiny 2's new raid is broken - a bug prevents you from getting parts of your loot

There is a bug in Destiny 2’s new raid that prevents you from getting part of the loot. Bungie is already aware of the issue.

The Lightfall DLC has been out in Destiny 2 for almost 2 weeks and a new raid has recently been included. It’s called “Roots of Nightmares” and started on March 10th. The raid takes you into the pyramid ship shot at by the traveler and was completed by a speedrunner clan after just 2 hours and 25 minutes.

However, a new bug now prevents you from looting one of the most important crates in the raid, which everyone uses to complete the blueprint collection

What is this bug? In Roots of Nightmares there is something called the Deepsight box. This guarantees you a weapon with a red border as loot once a week.

However, there is currently a bug that prevents you from being able to reopen the crate and get a red-rimmed weapon even though the weekly reset has already taken place.

Is there a statement from Bungie about the bug? Yes, Bungie has already commented on the bug on Twitter. It states that the problem with the Deepsight Chest is known and they will reveal more news about it as soon as it becomes available.

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As a result, Bungie is already working on a fix and players can hope to be able to pull red-rimmed weapons out of the crate again soon.

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Have you already encountered the error or are you less interested in it because you don’t farm the raid weapons at all? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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