Diablo 4 Beta Download is now active and huge – Internet slow players need to hurry

Diablo 4 Beta Download is now active and huge - Internet slow players need to hurry

Today, March 15th, the preload for the Diablo 4 beta begins. The download size is significantly larger than expected. If you’re struggling with a slow line, you’d better start early if you want to play on time on Friday.

How big is the download? The download size of the beta is over 85 GB on PC (via Twitter). This is almost twice as much as originally assumed, because according to the system requirements, the game should only be up to 45 GB in size.

However, it must be said that the corresponding download contains the high-resolution assets. Without these, the size should be at least slightly smaller.

How can I pre-download the game? You must have pre-ordered Diablo 4 for the current preload, because from 17.-20. Early access for pre-orderers will only take place in March. Here you can find information about the editions of Diablo 4.

You then have to redeem your pre-order or the beta key. You can then simply download the game via your platform:

  • PC: Visit the Diablo 4 tab in the Battle.net client and click Download. If you can’t find the game, click on “All Games”
  • PlayStation: Search for Diablo 4 on the PS Store and select Download
  • Xbox: Search for Diablo 4 in the Microsoft Store and select Download

In our overview you will find all information about the beta of Diablo 4. The video briefly explains the most important details:

Everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 Open Beta

More videos

Diablo 4: Beta launches soon, bringing entire Act 1

What’s in the beta? If you want to watch the beta, you can create up to 10 characters. On the first weekend, only hunter, barbarian and sorceress are available from the 5 classes from Diablo 4.

You can level up to level 25 and explore the entire prologue and act 1. You are not limited in time, but you do not level up after level 25. The beta ends on Monday March 20th at 8pm German time.

If you participate, you can earn a cute wolf pup as a reward. Are you interested in the other classes, necromancer and druid, or do you not want to pre-order Diablo 4 yet? March, play the free open beta.

If you are not yet sure what you want to play, we have summarized all classes for you here and explain which one suits you best:

The Best Class in Diablo 4: Which Suits Your Playstyle?


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