Diablo 4: Sorceress Guide – Class Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents

diablo 4 sorceress review

In Diablo 4 you can cover the battlefield as a sorceress with different elements. As powerful as the class is, it also has weaknesses. We will therefore show you everything important about the sorceress and what talents and strengths you can currently count on.

What can the sorceress do? The Wizard class is powerful and can unleash its full destructive rage in various situations. From a safe distance, you either keep many opponents in check at the same time or press a lot of damage on a boss. In addition, you have a choice of three different elements:

All have their pros and cons, but depending on the build, they unleash their true strength in combat. We will therefore show you all the strengths, weaknesses and known talents of the sorceress in our brief overview so that you are well informed for the beta and the release.

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Sorceress Guide – Strengths, Weaknesses and Talents

What are the Sorceress’ strengths? The strengths of the sorceress lie above all in long-distance combat and her high chances of survival. You can cast your spells all over the map from a safe distance, while you can quickly go to safety in tricky situations.

The mix of high damage, flexible movement options, and safe combat distance makes the Sorceress a good choice for beginners.

The sorceress with the power of the elements

What are the Sorceress’ weaknesses? While the Sorceress can deal good damage, her buffs are very limited for a large squad. In addition, you are dependent on your mana. If this is empty, the light will quickly go out for you. Last but not least, melee combat is mostly certain death for you, because while the sorceress is deadly, her non-existent melee attacks are not. So always keep your distance.

What talents does the sorceress have? The sorceress can manipulate the power of fire, lightning, or frost to her advantage. This allows you to burn, slow, or shock enemies to even disable them for 2 seconds.

In addition, as a sorceress, you have the privilege of receiving additional slots for your spells in order to deposit even more abilities in them.

On top of that, you can use your ultimates to summon a blizzard, summon meteorites, or even electrify yourself so your lightning abilities do more damage. However, if opponents come too close to you, you can also use defensive spells:

  • Teleportation – Teleport in any direction
  • Flame Shield – Envelops you in flames for 2 seconds and grants you immunity
  • Ice Armor – Covers you in ice and creates a shield equal to 30% of your base HP, plus 10% of your cold damage is transferred to this shield
  • Ice Nova – Creates a flood of ice that can freeze your enemies for 2 seconds

Conclusion on the sorceress – for whom is the class suitable? The Sorceress is particularly suitable for players who like to cause damage from a distance and want to cover the entire battlefield with elements. Especially beginners will get along well with this class, since you have many options to protect yourself or to flee in case of doubt.

That was a quick overview of the Sorceress, what she’s capable of and what her strengths and weaknesses are. Are you convinced or would you rather start with another class? Let us know in the comments!

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