Discover the magic of Hogwarts with the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts magic case – must-have for Hogwarts Legacy fans now 28% cheaper

Legendary moments from the films and from Hogwarts Legacy can be recreated with the Lego magic case.

For fans of Hogwarts Legacy looking for a personal connection to the wizarding world, the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Case makes the perfect gift. It includes minifigures, detailed accessories and plenty of options to create your own Hogwarts adventures. The Lego Harry Potter kit is now 28% cheaper on Amazon. But what makes this magic case so special for Hogwarts Legacy fans?

What does the Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Case offer for fans of Hogwarts Legacy?

Legendary moments from the Harry Potter films and Hogwarts Legacy can be recreated with the Lego magic case.
Source: Lego

The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Case offers a wealth of opportunities to express your passion for Hogwarts legacy

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Explore iconic scenes from the films and the game released for PC, PS5 & co. such as the assignment ceremony, the feast in the Great Hall and the common room. The case also includes exclusive accessories such as the sorting hat, the marauder’s map, potions, a cauldron, the potions book and much more. With the colors of the Hogwarts house and stickers to personalize the case becomes your unique jewel. For fans of Hogwarts Legacy, the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Case is a perfect addition to their collection and will provide hours of creative play in the magical world of Harry Potter. Amazon is currently offering the Hogwarts magic case at a greatly reduced price of 46.99 euros – a saving of 28%.

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Complete your “Lego Harry Potter” collection with other sets like Hogwarts Castle – now with discounts on Amazon

While Hogwarts Castle may be the central setting in the Harry Potter book and film series, there are other Lego sets from the Harry Potter universe to explore. The Astronomy Tower and the Ministry of Magic are next to the Hogwarts Magic Case just two of the fascinating sets available on Amazon at discounted prices compared to the manufacturer price. This allows you to explore the magical Harry Potter universe outside of Hogwarts Legacy.

Please note, however, that due to the high demand for Lego Harry Potter sets, we cannot guarantee permanent availability. So take the opportunity to expand your collection and experience the world of Harry Potter in all its facets.

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Discount offers for Lego Harry Potter at Amazon