Do you like teasing cats in Hogwarts Legacy? Well then – Avada Kedavra!

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The developers of Hogwarts legacy have recognized in recent weeks that players seem to be passionate about the cats of magic school with spells to annoy. On Twitter, the Community Manager Chandler Wood Avalanche Games has now shared a funny video in which the fluffy animals fight back with all their might. The team allowed themselves the fun and taught the little four-legged friends the powerful magic spell “Avada Kedavra”.

No chance against all cats

In the video we first see an attack on a cat. However, this will be sent immediately protego blocked. Then there is the revenge with the magic Avada Kedavrawhich deprives your witch or wizard of all life points at once and thus also the adventure with the display of the Game Over Screens completed. However, at the moment this feature is not planned for the main game and remains only one small internal project that the developers made for fun.