E-Win Flash XL: The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest

E-Win Flash XL The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest GamersRD

There is a chair for every occasion, in the case of gaming chairs we have different brands and designs. Today I am going to tell you about all my experience with the chair Flash XL from E-Win, a chair for long hours of use and for the heaviest of us.

The Flash-Series XL they are the largest chairs to date. This chair has a support of up to 550 Pounds and great dimensions not only for the tallest but also for wide people.

What comes inside the box

When it comes to comfort, that’s a tricky topic and one that many get confused when it comes to ergonomic chairs. On the one hand, the Flash XL is quite ergonomic due to the adjustability and the support it provides to different parts of the body to avoid some common pains that come with long hours of sitting.

This chair provides a decent amount of comfort for any user. The thick cushions on the back and seat are very close to the body when playing. In the same way, the prolonged use of the same position can cause us problems in the future, regardless of how comfortable the chair is. Spending 6 to 10 hours a day sitting in front of the PC, whether writing news or playing games, is a lot, but it is clear that this chair makes it much easier.

The real ergonomic seat keeps the correct muscles engaged to aid posture and long-term health. The only place that doesn’t have much padding is on the armrests, where comfortable padding wouldn’t really interfere with ergonomics. In the same way, the armrest does not need any change at all, on the contrary, I could say that they are very well positioned, in addition to the fact that it has several positions so that we can accommodate ourselves.

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E-Win Flash XL The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest GamersRD23

The manufacturing material is quite pleasant even when it comes to maintaining our temperature while we are sitting. Many will think that although this material does not seem to “breathe” when we sit down and that this could cause our bodies to heat up, this is not the case, the reality is that it feels quite fresh even during my long days of use.

Assembling an E-win racing chair is quite easy and although the instructions are a bit confusing at the time, we just have to understand the concept of joining the two largest parts first and then the base. While assembling I was able to realize the great support that the chair has in its lower part in order to guarantee the resistance that its manufacturer promises.

Unlike the chair before the one I had, the Calling Series, this one is assembled the same way but you have to put some additional pieces. As you can see in the image below, the comparison of the seat of both is notorious. The Series XL is wider and deeper, I could even say that it is more padded and prepared for a good batch.

E-Win Flash XL The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest GamersRD1
Left: Flash XL. Right: Calling Series

I feel that this is not just any chair and although it has the same design as many, this one is much more comfortable in every way. Knowing this, we are clear that in some way or another not all chairs are designed for everyone, at least in terms of height and weight.

For lumbar support we have a pillow included that is attached via a pair of elastic straps that allow you to adjust the position to match your height and preferred seating position.

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It is very soft and holds its position well, but it sticks out too much for my liking. Of course, they soften as time goes on, and given the size capabilities of the chair, the cushion needs to be able to support much larger people than we have available for testing. Also, some will find the distinctly ‘F1’ aesthetic that the straps give the chair to be an advantage.

In the case of neck support we have a pillow that comes with Flash XL, this is firm and supportive, but sadly it can’t be adjusted and even people of average height will find the pillow sits on the shoulders instead neck when sitting.

You can adjust it as many times as you want so that you can feel it in your neck, but in my case, due to the height, it reaches more to my shoulders and always goes down since it does not hold.

E-Win Flash XL The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest GamersRD2

I want to highlight something again, a nice side effect of the super wide seat base is that if you like to sit cross-legged or with one leg tucked under the other, you have a wide base to do this. This is a fairly common seating preference and the almost completely flat base is much more responsive to this position than other chairs with curved bases.

If you’re of average height or under 6 feet, you’ll feel distinctly small in this chair, which is actually quite nice as it allows more room for different seating positions.

In conclusion,

The Flash Series XL is ready and prepared for long days of use no matter how tall, wide or heavy you are. The most important thing here is the construction material that feels very premium. The ergonomics of this chair make you feel superior even to other models from the same manufacturer, making it clear that this is one of the best chairs you can have. It is not recommended for everyone, since if you only sit down for a moment a day to check social networks or send an email it would be practically an “overkill”. These chairs are made for a lot of battle, a lot of use without causing us fatigue, but it should be noted that no matter how comfortable we will be, it is always good to get up and move our body to avoid future complications. Our gaming chair can be really comfortable and feel nothing during use, but it’s always good to get a little exercise in the process. In all confidence we could sit on it without feeling that we are going to break it or that it will be very narrow. This chair is the highest range of all gaming chairs from E-Win.

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E-Win Flash XL The best gaming chair for the biggest and heaviest GamersRD23