Final Fantasy 16 “only possible thanks to the performance of the Playstation 5”

Final Fantasy 16 demo to warm up?  Probably shortly before release (1)

from Karsten Scholz
During a preview appointment, the Square Enix developers repeatedly pointed out that the way the battles in Final Fantasy 16 work can only be implemented thanks to the performance of the Playstation 5.

Square Enix and Sony. This partnership seems to be worth its weight in gold, at least for Final Fantasy 16. Almost two weeks ago we reported that how satisfied producer Naoki Yoshida is with the support and all-round service provided by the Playstation operators is. But the choice of the exclusive platform also seems to have a noticeably positive effect on the gaming experience itself.

Final Fantasy 16: Tried Esper Battles

Final Fantasy 16 only with PS5 power

In a preview appointment they spoke Editors of IGN with Yoshida and Combat Director Ryoto Suzuki on how combat in Final Fantasy 16 (buy now €79.99 ) seamless transitions between cinematic cutscenes and interactive gameplay sections. Yoshi-P explained that only thanks to the fast SSD storage and the transfer speed of the Playstation 5 you can achieve this smooth transition without loading screens or other annoying elements.

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