From 1000 to 40,000 players overnight: That’s why the Diablo alternative Last Epoch is now being hyped

Last Epoch works like Diablo + Co and is now playable in multiplayer in Early Access.

Last Epoch works like Diablo & Co and can now also be played in multiplayer in Early Access.

Last Epoch should not be known to many Diablo fans. But that’s about to change. The Diablo alternative does a lot right in Early Access and is really well received. But only since the recently released multiplayer update has the number of players increased rapidly.

Last Epoch now has multiplayer and it’s a huge hit

This is Last Epoch: The action RPG/Hack’n Slay makes no secret of its role models. Diablo immediately comes to mind as a great inspiration. But other, similar titles like Path of Exile have apparently been godfathers.

The proven gameplay mix from Explore dungeons, fight, loot and level up works great here too. Apparently even better than some other genre representatives, as the previous, “mostly” or overall “very positive” Steam Ratings can be taken.

Here you can watch new trailer:

Last Epoch - Trailer for the new multiplayer patch


Last Epoch – Trailer for the new multiplayer patch

The game has been relatively quiet so far, except for a few thousand fans, never flocked together to play the Early Access version on Steam until recently. But that was before the big multiplayer update. Exactly this update is here now – with resounding success.

Suddenly goes through the roof: Since Last Epoch can also be played with up to three friends, the number of players has increased drastically.

Where previously around 1,000 people were online at the same time, the record now stands at 40,000. Over 14,000 are currently playing. This is really impressive (via: SteamDB).

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When is it coming out? Last Epoch has been in development since 2018 and is currently in Early Access. However, the makers of the indie game are even aiming for a release this year. So if everything goes well, we can still play the full version in 2023.

Is Last Epoch coming to consoles? That is not certain yet. Only the PC version is currently available. However, if it sells well, it could well be followed by a PS5 and Xbox release, as has been the case with so many other indie success stories.

What do you think of Last Epoch? Have you already tried the Diablo alternative or do you prefer to wait for the original?