Games News 04/2023: Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy, Atomic Heart and more!

The cover of Games Aktuell issue 04/2023 with Final Fantasy 16 as the main motif

Rarely do games experience such hype before release as Hogwarts Legacy. And that, although it is “only” a licensed game, and one whose predecessors are not necessarily associated with high quality. In this issue of Games Aktuell we put the wizarding adventure to the test – is it as magical an experience as many Potter fans were hoping for? On top of that, we tested whether it is also suitable for players who have had little or no experience with the Wizarding World – and we have a lively discussion about which house is the best.

Our second major focus in this issue is on a real perennial favorite in the gaming world. We got the opportunity to play Final Fantasy 16 for the first time and to tease out more details about the long-awaited RPG from the makers in an interview! One thing is certain: part 16 of the long-established series will be darker and different than its many predecessors – but in certain aspects it also remains true to the history of the series. As always, we have a lot more to offer in Games Aktuell: In the test area, for example, the first-person shooter Atomic Heart awaits you. It was compared in advance with the blockbuster Bioshock. Our detailed review reveals whether this is the case and whether the game can compete with the top-class modern classic.

With Octopath Traveler 2, we’re taking another trip into JRPG realms in this issue, albeit with a completely different look than our colleague Final Fantasy 16. And let’s stay in Japan for a moment: With Like a Dragon: Ishin! the yakuza makers take you back to the time of the samurai – you can read later in the magazine whether that makes you happy. Nintendo hasn’t been idle this month either, bringing you the reviews of Metroid Prime Remastered and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe!

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Games News 04/23 is here! Cover Story: Final Fantasy 16 Played! Plus Hogwarts Legacy, Atomic Heart and more!
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