Ghostwire: Tokyo Coming to Xbox Series and Game Pass on April 12

Ghostwire: Tokyo Could Eventually Get DLC Or Sequels, Says Director, GamersRD

After having the exclusivity for PC and PS5 last year, Ghostwire: Tokyo of youango Gameworks and Bethesda coming to xbox 12th April. It will be available for Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass for consoles and PC. Also, the developer confirmed a new massive update, “Spider’s Thread”, which will be released on the same day for all platforms.

The update adds a new game mode, The Spider’s Thread, a 30-stage dungeon that players must fight their way to the end. The dungeon spans over 130 handcrafted levels, providing a new experience every time. Additionally, completing challenges will unlock upgrades to provide more power.

If we fail, we will go back to the beginning, although it will retain some updates. For fans of the stories, new locations are being added, such as the Middle School area, and extended story scenes that give more insight into the plot. Another nice addition is the “Reduced Horror Effects” setting, which replaces the spooky effects with Shiibuya Hachi stickers.

But there’s more, as Akito gains new abilities like Counter Attack, Quick Dodge, and Charge Rush (which augments Palm Strike to become an elemental melee attack). There is also a new Tengu Wind talisman to deploy a whirlwind to ascend higher and the Spirit Source talisman to retrieve Ether. New enemies also emerge, such as Retribution, Silent Gaze, and Sanguine Dancer.

Finally, Photo mode is expanding with new stamps and game models (unlocked by earning capsule machine figurines) to use for images. Interestingly, some features are being kept secret, so there should be more.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo It is available for PS5 and you can read our review at this link.