Hearthstone brings an extension for the ears with the Festival of Legends

Hearthstone brings an extension for the ears with the Festival of Legends

Are you ready for the biggest music festival in Azeroth’s history? Elite Tauren Chieftain has rounded up singers and musicians for the Festival of Legends to accompany you in the new Hearthstone expansion.

Hearthstone is rocking the next expansion

In April, the curtain will rise on the next Hearthstone expansion. This time it’s all about the music. With 145 new cards and effects, the artists heat up the players and their opponents.

Each class will have a legendary musician in the Festival of Legends, as well as a legendary spell that represents that artist’s song. There are also instruments – i.e. weapon cards – for some classes.

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Soloist minions subtract a solo number and have special effects if you only control them on your space. Harmony spells switch from a harmony effect to a dissonance effect and vice versa each turn.

The new keyword “Final” gives the respective cards special effects if you use up all your remaining mana when playing them. Priests can look forward to an additional keyword, Overheal. Minions with this effect gain special abilities when healed beyond their maximum health.

has a card blizzard already in her blog shown. Band Manager ETC lets you create a band of three cards as you build your deck and discover one of those cards when you play it.

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The Headliner Tour event prepares you for the upcoming expansion and lets you accompany one of three musicians on their concert series. There’s something in it for you, too, because quests and gifts await you in each of the three reward paths.