Lost Ark Guide for the Artist – How to play the most popular class from Korea

Lost Ark Guide for the Artist - How to play the most popular class from Korea

The MMORPG Lost Ark brings a new class today: the artist, in English painter/artist, depending on the translation. We at MeinMMO will show you how to play them and what to look out for.

The Painter/Artist is a whole new core class in Lost Ark – The Specialist. Specialists are female, childlike looking creatures with cat ears. Accordingly, the painter is equipped with cat ears and appears dainty.

As a painter, you vary between black and white ink, switching from support to DPS.

By using different colors, such as red for damage, the Artist lets her group members know if she’s going to hit or support the others next. Her casting times are quite long, so it’s easy to see what she’s doing.


  • Very popular class in Korea
  • Playable as DPS and support
  • mobility

  • Long skill recharge times
  • Their signs are sometimes difficult to use

This is how the artist plays

This is the special ability of the class: As she deals damage, her identity ability charges in the form of 3 orbs. Then either press Z to trigger a party buff or X to heal yourself.

The Artist’s Z ability allows her to trigger a buff that causes the entire party to do 10% more damage. In addition, she places a debuff on your target with her skills, which increases your damage by 10% again.

Using her abilities, she can protect herself and her party members with 5 different shields. Thus, it reduces a lot of damage and is excellent for boss fights.

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The class also grants speed bonuses, mana regeneration, and healing to your party, similar to the bard.

In addition to support, shields, more damage and general DPS attacks, the Artist has another special feature: it can create portals that you can use to teleport to its location. This is useful in boss fights, as the painter can already leave the danger area and her DPS comrades-in-arms catch up with a portal. This has the advantage that the damage classes can continue to damage the boss up to the last second, instead of fleeing from dangerous mechanics.

Here you can see the trailer of the artist in Lost Ark:

Lost Ark shows the new class in the trailer – Swing the brush against Brelshaza

More videos

The artists in the endgame

From level 50 you get to the endgame of Lost Ark and from now on use dungeons and raids to improve your equipment. Most players then choose a support build for the artist.

Which engraving do I use? To play as a support, select the Full Bloom class engraving. This will add an AoE field of healing to your Sunrise healing ability.

Which engravings do I use? In addition, the combat engraving “Awakening”, which reduces your cooldowns, is worthwhile. This also affects your identity, which means you can use Sunrise again more quickly.

Expert, Drops of Ether, Vital Point Hit, Heavy Amor or Explosive Expert are also worthwhile. Depends on what exactly you want to focus on. You can find out more at max roll read.

What skills do I use?

As your awakening you use Efflorescence.

Which trading cards are important? Since you as an artist use your own HP when healing, you rely on max HP for the card set. For example, a set of Maneth, Tarsila, Sol Grande, Brealeos, Aporas, and Adrinne will work here. Alternatively, you can use Velcruze, Spear of Annhilation, Perkunas, Fjorgin, Navinos and Vanquisher. You can read all about trading cards here.

What do you say about the artist? Do you want to test them as soon as the new update is online? Which class is your favorite to play so far? What item level have you reached now? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

Getting started with Lost Ark is more worthwhile than ever, even for returnees:

Lost Ark: There has never been a better time than now to start with the MMORPG