Meta is again laying off 10,000 employees and moving away from NFTs

Facebook loses $13.71 billion last year - to VR and Metaverse (1)

The negative news about Meta (parent company of Facebook) doesn’t stop. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced on Facebookthat the company will lay off another 10,000 employees. A key goal of Zuckerberg’s “Year of Efficiency” is to make Meta “flatter” and “leaner,” meaning eliminating layers of management and eliminating projects that are redundant or of lower priority.

This statement by the Meta CEO follows the 11,000 employees laid off in November 2022 and the almost 14 billion dollars loss due to VR and the Metaverse project in 2022. From November 2022 to March 2023, a total of 21,000 employees were laid off at Meta. There are also 5,000 positions that have not yet been filled and are also to be eliminated.

Efficiency, efficiency and even more efficiency

“This is going to be tough, there’s no getting around it. It will mean saying goodbye to talented and passionate colleagues who have been part of our success,” Zuckerberg wrote. “You are dedicated to our mission and I am personally grateful for all your efforts. We will support people as we have done to date and treat everyone with the gratitude they deserve.”

In his detailed statement on Facebook, Zuckerberg emphasizes that “it is important for all groups to become leaner and more efficient so that the technology groups can become as efficient as possible”. “We will ensure we continue to meet all of our critical and legal obligations while we find ways to operate more efficiently.” according to the Meta CEO.

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