Meta Quest Pro on sale at Amazon: Secure the wireless alternative to PSVR2 now at the lowest price

Amazon offer Meta Quest Pro PSVR2

With the Meta Quest Pro you can experience VR like with PSVR2 without a PS5 or annoying cables. The headset is now on sale at Amazon.

With the release of the PSVR2, the topic of virtual reality has picked up speed again. Sony’s headset offers a good overall package, but requires ownership of a PS5 and is of little use outside of a gaming context. The Meta Quest Pro is a first-class and wireless alternative, which is currently cheaper than ever on Amazon.

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Amazon: Meta Quest Pro on sale

This is what Meta Quest Pro offers: With the Meta Quest Pro you get a great VR headset that can keep up with PSVR2 and sometimes even offers more. Thanks to the built-in cameras, you can see your surroundings in color, with the Sony alternative this is only possible in black and white. The two practical controllers are of course included in the scope of delivery.

The two major advantages of the Quest Pro are, on the one hand, its wireless use. This allows you to move more freely and not always have to be careful not to trip or entangle yourself. Second, you can use the VR headset just like that. Applications are run directly from the glasses. So you don’t need a PS5 or a PC to use the device.

The offer: At Amazon, the Meta Quest Pro currently only costs €1199. The RRP is 1799 euros. Shipping is free.

Strike now: Meta Quest Pro on sale!

The price in comparison: Amazon offers here along with MediaMarkt and Saturn the new low price for VR glasses. alternates offers the Quest Pro for the same price, but there are additional shipping costs. The old low price of 1749 euros is undercut by far. (Source:

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Get the Meta Quest Pro from Amazon now

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