MontanaBlack has discovered Counter-Strike, opens tons of loot boxes – “This knife cost me €5,000”

MontanaBlack has discovered Counter-Strike, opens tons of loot boxes - "This knife cost me €5,000"

Counter-Strike has been a hit for years, bringing lots of active players and money to Steam operator Valve. The German top streamer MontanaBlack88 has also been playing in the game for some time. However, he sees less of the shooter – the loot boxes have done it to him.

The tactical shooter Counter-Strike is a phenomenon in gaming. The graphics are getting old, balance adjustments are sometimes 10 years away and at the time of writing the title still has over 700,000 players who are currently online (via

Incidentally, Counter-Strike has also created a large market for cosmetic items. You can earn different loot boxes and buy keys to open them. Some items are worth more than $100,000.

Apparently, that also attracted the German streamer MontanaBlack. Lately he has often shown in his stream how he opens hundreds of boxes and hopes for the main prize.

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“Actually quite dirty, Digga”

Which knife cost €5,000? It was the “Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked” from the Operation Breakout loot boxes. The part has a “red” rarity and can be worth quite a bit.

However, the boxes in Counter-Strike are tricky. The skins come with different signs of wear in 5 degrees of hardness.

Monte has “battle marks” on the knife, which reduces the price by a good €250. “Factory new” the part would probably have been worth over €800 – when he checked the price, the market showed a good €550. “I don’t want to complain, but it’s actually pretty dirty, dude,” says Monte.

Loot boxes are a controversial topic: For several years there has been a discussion as to whether they are to be equated with gambling and whether they need to be regulated accordingly. FIFA packs were only recently classified as “illegal gambling” in Austria, but there is no such regulation in Germany yet.

If you have problems with gambling yourself or if you are worried about someone close to you, contact the Federal Ministry’s hotline. The advisory team of the BZgA is available on the phone number 0800 1 37 27 00 accessible free of charge and anonymously. Office hours: Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 363 days a year (except December 24th and 31st).

However, he would not have come close to his stake of €5,000 for the knife. He already had to open too many of the boxes for that. The Operation Breakout key and box can be purchased on third-party marketplaces for a total of around €15.

MontanaBlack also makes it clear again and again that he opens the loot boxes for entertainment. It is real money that he fires out for his viewers. There is a risk of addiction and nobody should copy his nonsense.

But that will probably not change anything about its content: As early as September 2022, the streamer commented on the subject of loot boxes and explained that everyone is responsible for themselves.

You can find the video with the €5,000 knife on his channel “SpontanaBlack” (via YouTube).

Although Counter-Strike is still very successful after many years, the successor debate is currently gaining momentum. Due to data leaks, there are suspicions that CS2 could even start soon.

You can find out what is known so far about the possible new successor here: Counter-Strike 2 – All information, rumors and leaks about the Source 2 successor to CS:GO

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