Naruto – What is the ANBU for?

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In the anime and manga series Naruto the ninjas are divided into different groups according to their skills. Genin are, for example, still at the beginning of their careers, while Jonin already have plenty of experience.

But only the most skilled ninjas get into the ANBU unit recorded. What is behind this mysterious unit, we will clarify for you in the following article.

Naruto: These are the ANBU

What does ANBU stand for? Anbu is short for Atsatsu-senjutsu-tokushu-Butai, which means like Assassination Static Special Forces. This only includes the most capable ninjas in a village, i.e. mostly jonin or capable chunin.

Their commander is the respective Kage of a village. But it can also happen that the ANBU from the village elders received orders.

The ANBU must defeat the Kage by any means necessary to protect and serve this as body guard. They also get from the Kage special orderswhich they must meet and hush-hush are.

This can include, for example, searched to locate criminals and squeeze the necessary information out of them. To stand up to the criminals, the ANBU are characterized by a high speed out of.

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So that they are not recognized by their opponents, they wear them masks and call yourself aliases. In Konoha it is customary for the ANBU to get behind animal masks hide.

Are there known ANBU? A well-known ninja who once belonged to the ANBU unit is Kakashi Hatake. Also Sasuke’s brother Itachi Uchiha was an ANBU in life, but broke orders from Konoha’s village elders to protect his brother. Active members include Yamato.

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ANBU-Ne as a special department

What are the ANBU-Ne in Naruto? There was one at a time ANBU-Ne departmentthat of Danzo Shimura Founded. To her also counted Sai. The ANBU in this unit had the particularity that they were trained neither to show nor to feel emotions.

So that none of the ninjas say a word about Danzo, theirs tongue with a seal proven. Should they wish to spill secrets about Danzo, they would be instantly paralyzed. The unit became now dissolvedwhen it was revealed that they were actually just supporting Danzo’s sinister plans.