Naughty Dog’s next game: “Fans want Last of Us 3, but…”

The Last of Us Part 1: PC version postponed!  But not that bad...

Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog has after the Season finale of The Last of Us in an interview about the future projects of the developer studio. Accordingly, a decision has already been made as to what the makers of titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us as next produce – apart from Multiplayer project by The Last of Uswhich will be revealed later this year with new details.

What is Naughty Dog working on?

In conversation with Kinda funny said Neil Druckmann: “At the end of each project, we consciously look at many different projects. Some might be a sequel and then there are some completely new ideas. We think, ‘Where is our passion?’ Because that’s the fire that drives the And if you pick the wrong project and after two years out of four you’re burned out because the passion is gone, you’re screwed.”