Nothing going on without moss: Reddit user demonstrates Green-IT in a (completely) different way

The influence of dust filters on cooling and noise development

from Sven Baudouin
Whether the deposits on the CPU cooler, an AMD Wraith Stealth, are actually moss remains to be seen. The evidence speaks a different language, starting with the username of the Reddit user, through the sub-Reddit in which the photo was published, to the small flowers, leaves and stems that have settled between the cooling fins. Green-IT once (completely) differently.

Under the title “Remember to clean your computer thoroughly if you smoke near it”, the Reddit user u/South-Beach-980 in the corresponding sub-reddit r/weed posted a picture of its CPU cooler, an AMD Wraith Stealth. The recording is intended to remind all PC users that a computer system requires a certain minimum of maintenance, especially when smoking next to it.

Algae, moss or cordyceps?

While some Reddit users report that the nicotine deposits in their PC are brown and not green and still others believe the deposits to be algae, moss or the Cordyceps fungus known from The Last Of Us, a closer look at the recording leaves no doubt .

Green-IT thanks to green herbs

The deposits come from the cannabis consumed right next to the PC, as the author of the photo openly admits in a later post. The system stood on the carpet next to the desk for around 8 months.

This is 8 months of smoking the dankest wax and having my PC on carpet

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Warning, dust alert in the PCGH community!

The community from the PCGH Extreme forum is also familiar with dusty and dirty PCs. Community member Niza had already opened a thread last year that was all about pictures of dusty PCs. A few other forum users have already joined in and uploaded pictures of their dusty components.

The influence of dust filters on cooling and noise development

PCGH Plus: Dust filters are part of the mandatory equipment of a recommendable housing. We’re evaluating whether it’s worth sacrificing this protection in favor of optimized airflow with better cooling. The article comes from PC Games Hardware 07/2018.
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Source: u/South-Beach-980 via Reddit

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