Players wanted Destiny 2 to be harder – now you struggle with the smallest of tasks

Players wanted Destiny 2 to be harder - now you struggle with the smallest of tasks

Destiny 2 has increased the difficulty with Lightfall. Anyone who used to chill comfortably through the game now gets sweaty even with the smallest tasks, such as on patrols. MeinMMO tells you what players are really frustrated about when farming in Lightfall.

Why has Destiny 2 become harder? Since Lightfall, Bungie has created a new difficulty philosophy for Destiny 2 because players found many things too easy and over the seasons the power creep and other changes have made guardians stronger and opponents weaker.

With the old space skills, almost every enemy was too easy to kill and some activities were done with one hand behind the back.

Now Guardians have to be on the ball and above all invest in builds, mods and good equipment to be able to survive. But while some activities, like the new raid, have become much more accessible to all players even during the 48 hour contest mode, others that used to farm for hours have become a strenuous but necessary challenge.

  • Normal patrols and the public event on Neomuna have increased in difficulty.
  • Lost Sectors, where players farm the new exotics, have also received a permanent +20 combat delta.

This makes even the smallest tasks for some players, like a solo sector, an exhausting and frustrating task.

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More effort but no better reward

The players complain: The players are currently having their problems, especially with the Lost Sectors. Lacking Artifact Power, a Sector feels like a disgusting, artificial difficulty that Lightfall has now imposed on them.

Much worse, however, is the fact that the additional reward, even if you fight through and pass, often consists of only a handful of Glimmer, nothing more.

Understandably, farming the new exotic armor pieces from Lightfall feels a lot more strenuous and even less efficient than in The Witch Queen DLC. And that although the new Vex event has also received an extra option to also drop exotics.

Bungie previously announced that it would look at completion rates and times over the course of Season 20. The drop rates for exotic engrams should also be checked and improved if necessary. But it could already be too late, because many players have already given up farming.

This is how the player betachief77 writes in a reddit post that has already received 2K upvotes:

It feels like Bungie killed farming exotics in Lightfall, given the Solo Legend’s Lost Sectors [durch das neue Kampfdelta] how to pull teeth to get it done.

betachief77 describes the situation on reddit

Rewarding loot boxes are missing: Many could still come to terms with the new level of difficulty. Mainly because the mods and the new subclass Strang have also brought strong build options into play that help with that. With Strang alone, a Lost Sector can be played solo despite the combat delta.

However, it is agreed that the increase in difficulty would have required a corresponding increase in the rewards from the lottery chest. No one should be sent home at the end of a grandmaster sector with just Glimmer and a damp handshake.

You don’t even want a strong increase in exotic drop rates. For many players it would be enough if they always received at least one piece of equipment at their power level at the end of a Lost Grandmaster Sector that is at least of some use to them.

Bungie has obviously not yet been able to spark enthusiasm for the new level of difficulty among the players.

How are you? Are you also missing the rewards in the Lost Sectors? Please leave us a comment.

This new system is also quite controversial in Destiny 2, because Guardians find it unnecessary:

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