[PLUS] Intel Sapphire Rapids declares: HEDT is not dead

[PLUS] Intel Sapphire Rapids declares: HEDT is not dead

Intel Sapphire Rapids

PCGH mostly reports on “server” CPUs when they introduce new architectures before their desktop counterparts. However, the “big” platforms with more cores and PCI-E lanes usually only follow their mobile and desktop siblings after a respectful time lag, especially at Intel, including the Sapphire Rapids portfolio presented in January and February 2023: His We discussed the Golden Cove architecture for the Core i 12000 P cores in detail shortly before their launch in PCGH 11/2021 – these have now been replaced by -13000 successors.

But Sapphire Rapids is not only the late big brother of Alder Lake in socket 1700 and the successor to Ice Lake SP and Cooper Lake in LGA4189, but also the official replacement of Cascade Lake W and Ice Lake W in socket 2066. Here enthusiastic PCGH -Readers listen carefully, because the latter is Intel’s last HEDT platform: Skylake X and the barely improved Cascade Lake X have been serving the “high-end desktop” segment for a full six years, more durable than socket AM4. Since the Ryzen 3000 presentation in 2019, the outdated interfaces and the limited absolute performance appear to be rather mid-range, but similar to the long end of AMD’s AM3+ FX era, Intel never discontinued the platform due to a lack of successors and expressly designated the HEDT range in 2021 for ” not dead” explained. This “undead” segment will now be revived.

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The following topics can be found in the article:

  • “HEDT is not dead”
  • Scalable, 112L and 64L
  • Golden Cove
  • Intel 7
  • Tiles vs Monolith
  • DDR5×2×8/×2×4
  • PCI-E 5.0 fed up
  • C741 or W780
  • Xeon CPU Max

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