Pokémon GO now rewards you for watching videos – you can also turn it off

Pokémon GO now rewards you for watching videos - you can also turn it off

In Pokémon GO you can now receive video advertising via balloons in exchange for a few items. It is also possible to switch off the advertising.

What is this ad? As some trainers report, Pokémon GO can currently send special video advertising.

As you already know from other advertisements in the game, it comes flying in with a special balloon. If you click on this balloon, you will see the advertisement in which you can start the video.

What this looks like was shared by user “InvisibleSoul8” via reddit:

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How can I switch off advertising? In Pokémon GO you can turn off advertising by going to the settings as follows:

  1. Settings Open
  2. Select “General”.
  3. Disable “Show third-party sponsored messages”.
  4. Restart app

If the option is deactivated, you should generally not receive any sponsored messages from other providers in the game. The same goes for the balloons.

Alternatively, you can simply ignore the balloons if you don’t want to completely disable the sponsor messages.

Trainers want better items as rewards

It is currently unclear when, where and under what conditions the balloons will appear. However, there are already first indications of what kind of items are in it. The user InvisibleSoul8 on reddit reports that he received the following items for his video (via reddit):

  • 250 Stardust
  • 1 potion
  • 1 golden raspberry
  • 2 pineapple berries
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It remains to be seen whether there are different rewards per video or whether the items will generally move in this direction.

What coaches say: In the subreddit “TheSilphRoad”, trainers are already sharing their opinions on the advertisement. Some directly emphasize that they prefer to disable the ads and have nothing to do with them.

Others think they would be interested – if there were any strong items.

  • “Give me an extra permanent incubator and I’d even watch all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies back-to-back,” says one user (via reddit).
  • “I take free raid passes. No for other items” (via reddit).
  • “I would do it for coins or incubators” (via reddit).
  • “As long as it’s optional, it’s a welcome addition,” says one user (via reddit): “Especially for players with limited stops or arenas”.

What do you think of the advertising? Can you imagine watching video ads for items in Pokémon GO? And if so: For which items would you do that? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise, there will soon be a lot of events in Pokémon GO. First up is Community Day with Flegmon this weekend, but new content will continue after that. The new “Let’s GO” event in Pokémon GO has just been announced.