Pokémon Go: Now we know what Shiny Jirachi’s timegating is about…

Pokémon Go: New type of raids found - of course with paid raid pass (1)

A Masterwork Research in Pokémon Go, unlike normal Special Research, comes with its own set of consuming challenges, and that’s how it is for the Masterwork Research “Fulfilled Wish”, which was activated as part of the Hoenn tour and can be bought by interested trainers for just under 6 euros. The interest in Granted Wish is high because you are promised an encounter with a Shiny Jirachi.

And the fact that Masterwork research in Pokémon Go is a bit more extensive could already be seen in the case of Fulfilled Wish from the first step, for which you should catch 385 Pokémon each from the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions. Of course, the hard-working trainers have long since completed this step and then came across a sobering realization: Step 2 is not challenging, but a disgusting and very lame Timegate.