PS5: Update ‘copies’ a small but nice Xbox feature and fans are happy

The last PS5 update of the system software is still having an effect.

The last PS5 update of the system software is still having an effect.

Sony recently gave the PS5 a new firmware update. This not only brought big innovations like the integration of Discord voice chat, but also smaller highlights like a cool new trophy feature. But there’s more to patch 7.00, and it looks like it’s been inspired by the competition.

PS5 update now saves you the double download if you have the disc version

That’s what it’s about: The PS5 firmware update is here and brings a whole host of improvements and new features. If you haven’t installed it yet, do so, it’s worth it. For example, you can finally update the DualSense controller without a cable connection and much more:

No more downloading: But there is another cool feature hidden in the update. If you have installed a game from the disc and now want to play the digital edition, you don’t have to download the entire game again. For example, if you rented a game on disc and then bought it from the PS Store, you can now continue to use the disc version you already installed to play the other.

Very useful with PS Plus: This may not sound like much and doesn’t happen that often, but it helps enormously. It is simply much more practical and of course saves a lot of time. Of course, you no longer need the disc for this. That means you could theoretically give away your disc versions when a title comes on the PS Plus subscription.

Known and loved by Xbox: With this, Sony and the PS5 move up to the Xbox. The function has been there for quite a while. It is very popular with many players. For example, they are happy that they no longer have to change discs if a game is available in Game Pass.

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Of course, the new feature is also very well received by PS5 users. It also makes it easier to share a console with multiple people and works the other way around too. This allows another account to use the digitally licensed download install if they have a disc. So an additional download falls flat.

Accordingly, the comments on Twitter, ResetEra and Co are full of people who are happy about this small but nice change.

How are you? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you had this function?