PvE God from Destiny 2 shows how to get the best armor particularly quickly


With yesterday’s weekly reset, the “Duality” dungeon in Destiny 2 started rotating. This week, he’s offering players a rare opportunity to get their hands on some of the best armor in the entire game really quickly and easily. MyMMO tells you how it’s done.

What can players get easier now? The so-called “Elaborate Armor” from Destiny 2 is the best that players can currently get in the loot shooter universe. And this week it only takes a few minutes to get such coveted loot.

  • Elaborate Armor has an additional fifth bonus mod slot.
  • This unique mod slot allows players to get +3 for one of the character stats like strength, mobility, resilience etc.
  • So players who have all 5 pieces of armor in artful have a maximum possible character stat boost of +15 as an option.

With the right distribution, it can create the powerful triple 100 builds. And on Grandmaster difficulty, armor pieces often fall between 57-68 max, which is also a plus.

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This is how you get the best armor in the game now

Only possible this week: The above customization options are really useful in Bungie’s loot shooter and should definitely be strived for by both hardcore gamers and new players alike.

Earning the armor isn’t easy though, as it requires you to play a dungeon that offers Elaborate Armor on Grandmaster difficulty.

However, because of a special opportunity for this this week, the YouTuber and official PvE god of Destiny 2, Esoterickk, now shared a glitch trick. He shows you how you can get the coveted armor within minutes even as a solo player. It only works this week though. So you have to hurry up and bring a rope.

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Here’s how you can quickly get the “Elaborate Armor”: Normally we wouldn’t share an in-game glitch. But in this case, you are not bypassing any game mechanics. All you have to do is kill the first boss in the duality dungeon. The deep abysses and strand will help you.

  • You start the dungeon “Duality” on the difficulty level “Grandmaster” and equip yourself with a strand, more precisely with the grappling hook.
  • Charge up, shoot the bell and play the first phase up to the point where the final boss appears.

Normally you would now have to go through several damage phases with the Gahlran boss of the first duality encounter. You save yourself that and instead get him to voluntarily throw himself into his death.

So while the boss falls to his doom, you use your grappling hook and casually swing back to safe ground to pick up your loot with the artful armor from the box.

In the video, Esoterickk shows you how to do this best:

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Esoterickk also explains:

As I mentioned in the video, it can be done both in a group and alone. Grouping is obviously easier (both for staying alive and holding the checkpoint), but it’s just as doable for solo players as is [im Video] shown.

writes Esoterikk explanatory under his video

So if you need even better equipment, you have an easy option to improve or polish your Guardian values ​​yourself.

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What do you say about the possibility? And are you considering using them? How are your builds currently looking? Do you already have your triple 100 build or don’t care? Please leave us a comment.

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