Quite late, but: Valheim is now also available on consoles

Quite late, but: Valheim is now also available on consoles

A little over two years after its launch for the PC, the survival game Valheim finally has it found its way to the consoles. As the Iron Gate Studios development team has once again officially confirmed, you can now on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One fight for bare survival. Besides some interesting details about porting, we also have a suitable trailer for you.

Survival on Xbox

The Xbox port of Valheim (buy now ) is apart from some adjustments an almost exact implementation of the PC version in terms of menu navigation and control. The latter is still there in the early access phase, so the version for the Xbox platforms is not really “finished” yet. You can expect all previously released for the PC updates and content. Incidentally, Iron Gate Studios itself is not responsible for the work on the console version the two external teams Fishlabs and Pitiv. Iron Gate acts as a kind of coordinator in the background. By the way, there are matching the launch a new trailer to see.

Survival in crossplay mode

With the release for the Xbox platforms, the developers a crossplay function built-in. Thus, the player pools do not remain separate from each other, but enter the struggle for survival together. It doesn’t matter whether you’re active on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC. You just have to activate the corresponding featureto be able to use it. It also stands a detailed crossplay FAQ is available that you the most important questions answered on this topic.

Valheim: Atmospheric Xbox launch trailer


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