“SHAMAN KING FLOWERS” to air in 2024

Shaman King, visual.  GamersRd (2)

“SHAMAN KING FLOWERS”, a sequel to Hiroyuki Takei’s “SHAMAN KING” television anime, will air on TV Tokyo and others starting in January 2024. A teaser image and PV were released at the same time.

“SHAMAN KING FLOWERS” is set in Fubarigaoka 14 years after the shaman fight where Hao became the shaman king and the battle ended. Yoh Asakura’s only son, Hana Asakura. He was unable to demonstrate his talent as a shaman and led a depressed life. Two people claiming to be the other Asakura family appear in front of the flower… The story of the next generation of shamans is drawn. After the final episode of the “SHAMAN KING” television anime aired, a short video was released showing a glimpse of “SHAMAN KING FLOWERS.”

The visual teaser centered around a flower sitting on a tombstone is Amidamaru in Hitodama mode snuggling into the flower’s shoulder, Alminum Birch with a red scarf wrapped around his head. Gakko Ibuki with a distinctive red hair color and a cold look with black hair Haja Asakura, who turns towards the direction, represents the path standing on the roof at the back. Additionally, the PV showed Hana staring at the blades, saying, “I’ll hit him,” and Hana performing a possessive bond with Amidamaru.

The main cast has also been revealed. Yoko Hikasa will play Hana Asakura, Katsuyuki Konishi will play Amidamaru, Sumire Uesaka will play Aluminum Nimbirch, Shun Horie will play Haha Asakura, Michiko Hikanai will play Gakko Ibuki, and Romi Park will play Doiro. Feedback from the cast has also come in, and Hikasa, who played the leaf in the previous work, said, “Living as a leaf in ‘SHAMAN KING,’ meeting and being able to see it with everyone has become a treasure of my life. It’s over, but the world where leaves and flowers live is not over.

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Shaman King, visual.  GamersRd (2)

Shaman King, visual.  GamersRd (2)