Sons of the Forest: How to Find and Use a Can Opener

Sons of the Forest: How to Find and Use a Can Opener

Here’s a guide on how to get a Can Opener in Sons of the Forest and where to find it on the map.

You need the can opener in Sons of the Forest to open cans and get extra food like cat food.

The can opener is not an essential item without which you would be stuck in the main story, such as the key cards. However, the small item can help you to get more food in a simple way.

Where can I find a can opener?

Within the map there are a total of 3 locations where you can find a can opener. There is no particular order that you have to go through. It is enough if you visit one of the 3 locations to secure a can opener.

How do I find a can opener? At the red mark you will find two tents in the snowy area. There are various items in the snow next to one of the two, including the can opener.

The yellow marker will lead you to the coast. In this location you will find a can opener, a soda and a watch.

The blue marker shows you an abandoned camp. Orientate yourself at the waterfall, next to it there is also the camp full of loot. There is also a can opener among the items. The item is next to a corpse. In addition, you can collect the following items in the warehouse:

  • 2x storage case
  • 4x liquor
  • Groceries
  • 2x clock
  • 2x rope
  • 2x laptops (circuit boards)
  • 4x golf balls
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What are the requirements for the can opener? You don’t need any tools or meet any requirements to get a can opener.

How do I use the can opener?

How do I open a tin can? Open your inventory with the “I” key. Right-click the item in inventory. Also right-click on the can you want to open. Then go to the gear and the can will open.

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