Sons of the Forest Updates: Community demands to leave Kelvin alone

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Since the release of Sons on the Forest one character in particular catapulted itself into the hearts of the players. We’re talking about ours AI helper Kelvin. It should continue with every patch adjusted and thus be able to do work even better. fans rebel however against these updates. The reactions of the community are sometimes heartbreaking.

Sons of the Forest: Is Kelvin getting too smart?

Together with one crash helicopter seems to create a bond for life. With his loyal but slightly dimwitted nature, KI-Helfer Kelvin Earned a big place in the hearts of many Sons of the Forest players in no time.

He is very good at collecting trunks helpful and time efficient be. At the same time, you can’t tell him exactly which trees he should cut down and you can already see his dreamy companion cutting down the tree, the supports your own tree house. The hard work is in tatters on the floor and Kelvin couldn’t be prouder.

patches and updates in the game prevent this now and further improvements to the AI ​​are planned, but many fans are afraid that their friend too smart and his endearingly frivolous side is lost.

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Reddit rebels against patches related to Kelvin

Especially on the platform Reddit there are fans of the clumsy helper and demand that Kelvin be left alone with further improvements. The reactions, while varied, include the same message:

“Kelvin is no longer Kelvin” – @art_syber

“He was so good at fetching logs” – @Eisenfuss19

“You could have stopped him anyway by hitting the bum with your axe yourself” – @Samandre14

“I hate Kelvin now” – @Financial-Look-1155

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Who wants one smarter Kelvin wishes could with the suggestion of PurdyDeadly a Compromise enter:

“They need an attitude feature like clumsy Kelvin vs. smart Kelvin that people can choose between.”

How much do you like that? Do you like Kelvin? as it is or do you want one smarter version by him? Tell us in the comments!

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