Star Citizen Apologizes For Terrible Alpha Launch: “We Expected Hiccups But That Wasn’t Acceptable”

Star Citizen Apologizes For Terrible Alpha Launch: "We Expected Hiccups But That Wasn't Acceptable"

CIG, the company behind Star Citizen, has apologized to players for launching Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies. It was said they knew that this “major milestone” of the project would present some difficulties. But how things went in practice was unacceptable.

Here’s how Star Citizen apologizes: In the company’s weekly blog post, there is an explicit apology from CIG for the disastrous patch 3.18 launch (via RSI).

The company says it knew it would need a live release of the Persistent Entity Streaming feature to see how the milestone feature would work at the scale of a live setting. Hundreds of thousands of players have tuned in since the release on Friday, March 10th. But many of those encountered issues that prevented them from logging in, and players who were able to log into Star Citizen experienced a “less than ideal gaming experience.”

First, we want to apologize for the turmoil and frustration many of you have experienced since release. While we anticipated there might be an initial hiccup and have tried to set expectations accordingly, we still find it unacceptable that so many of you have been unable to adequately enjoy 3.18.

Please note that we are working at full speed to resolve the remaining issues and we are working to get things up and running as quickly as possible. While we’re already seeing improvements in many areas, there’s still work to be done – and the right people are working on it.

It was supposed to be a formidable weekend, but there were a lot of problems. Here’s what’s in the patch:

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 – Lasting Legacies

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“Embarrassingly bad – even by Star Citizen standards”

What problems did you encounter? If you look at the game’s forum and reddit, you can read that some people have been trying to log into Star Citizen for hours.

A player says: After dozens of attempts to log in, they got through once, but then couldn’t interact with anything in the game for 10 minutes. The terminals worked, the missions didn’t respond. And then he crashed out of the game again. That was “embarrassingly bad – even by Star Citizen standards.”

But if you’re a die-hard fan, that doesn’t deter you either. The page PC gamers quotes a player who says: “I’ve been a backer since the beginning. I do not go anywhere.”

“The patch has so much content – I’m looking forward to it”

Other players even see the positive in the bad release: “The people who are now complaining that they can’t play don’t even notice that there are so many bugs only because CIG released a patch with so much content. I am looking forward.”

Indeed patch 3.18 was now a big update, also because fans have been waiting for it for so long. The patch has now arrived 11 months after 3.17 – Alpha 3.18 was originally announced for 2022.

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