The Best Class in Diablo 4: Which Suits Your Playstyle?

The Best Class in Diablo 4: Which Suits Your Playstyle?

The new action RPG Diablo 4 will offer 5 classes at release. MeinMMO helps you to find the best class for you.

What classes are there? Diablo 4 comes with 5 different classes:

  • Barbarians with a focus on melee combat and weapons
  • Druids who cast nature magic and transform
  • Hunters fighting with bow, poison and dagger
  • Necromancers with their undead companions
  • Sorceresses who harness the elements for destructive magic

In Diablo 4, the classes differ not only by different armor or a few spells, but fundamentally from each other. Each even has a special class mechanic that is only available to that class.

Which class is the best? There are still no rankings or portals like in Diablo 3, where you could read the performance of the classes. Accordingly, we’re trying to introduce you to all classes instead and help you choose the best class for you personally.

As soon as we can make statements about which legendaries and builds objectively make certain classes stronger than others, we will let you know. You can find the list of the most popular classes in Diablo 4 on MeinMMO for so long.

Use the list to help you decide if you’re not sure what to play in the Diablo 4 Beta, or if you’re short on time and only have one class to try.

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How good is the barbarian?

Barbarians can: Barbarians rely on pure melee combat and have little opportunity to attack opponents at a distance. In return, their anger can even trigger earthquakes and call on the spirits of their ancestors for help.

The melee fighters rely on sheer brutality and physical strength to defeat opponents. As a special class mechanic, barbarians can carry 4 sets of weapons at once, which they change automatically when an ability requires a specific type of weapon.

How strong are barbarians? Experience has shown that classes like the barbarian in Diablo are well suited for entry. They are easy to learn and at least mid-range in terms of performance. We expect the same with Diablo 4.

Barbar suits you if…

  • … an offensive, aggressive style of play suits you
  • … you can do without magic and long-distance combat
  • … you want to have many weapons to choose from
  • … you want to be the brutal warrior who stomps enemies into the ground

How good is the druid?

Druids can: Druids use the magic of nature to enchant enemies, strengthen allies or transform into bears and wolves and crush enemies. You can take on different roles and fight in melee or ranged combat.

With their magic, it should even be possible to summon companions for a short time or to arrest opponents. As a special class mechanic, druids can offer sacrifices to spirits to gain permanent buffs.

Diablo 4 finally explains what the druid can do – and why you can’t see it in the open beta

How strong are druids? Once upon a time, druids were among the best classes that were also difficult to master. Since performance here is heavily dependent on you and what Legendaries are available, it’s difficult to assess the druid.

Druid suits you if…

  • … you want to play a class with a connection to the forest and nature
  • … you always want to have the possibility for different playing styles
  • … you particularly like the idea of ​​a shapeshifter
  • … you like to cuddle with trees and sleep on moss

How good is the sorceress?

Sorceresses can: Sorceress weaves elemental magic, using it to hurl meteorites at foes, conjure blizzards, or throw lightning bolts. They absolutely detest close combat.

With their magic, sorceresses can not only cause damage, but also control opponents. The special class mechanic allows sorceresses to write their own spells by adding passive effects to active spells with additional skill slots.

How strong are sorceresses? Traditionally, magic classes like Sorceress are at the top end of tier lists. Although they only take a little, they dish out so much that hardly any opponent can reach them anyway.

Sorceress suits you if…

  • … you like to play “glass cannons”.
  • … you want to play the strongest magic class in the game
  • … you want to put together your own spells
  • …her opponents like to blow up with huge explosions

Here you can see gameplay for barbarian, druid and sorceress:

Diablo 4: Druid, Sorceress and Barbarian in the gameplay trailer

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How good is the slayer?

Hunters can: Hunters rely on fighting with different weapons in close and long-range combat. They alternate shots with bows or crossbows and attacks with daggers and other melee weapons in spectacular combos.

In addition, Slayers fight with poisons and shadow abilities. As a special class mechanic, Slayers can choose one of three specializations that fundamentally change their playstyle.

How strong are slayers? The previous classes of the Huntress were always rather strong classes, but they are difficult to master. If you elicit the full potential of the huntress, she can certainly soar to the strongest class.

Slayer suits you if…

  • … you want a lot of variation within the class
  • … you like to play flexible, agile classes
  • … you assassin games are particularly important
  • … you don’t want enemies to know what they’re dying of

Here’s the trailer for The Huntress:

Diablo 4: The hunter class in the trailer

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How good is the Necromancer?

Necromancers can: Necromancers use their magic to summon skeletons and zombies, but also to empower themselves. With corpses, they can cast spells that damage opponents or increase their armor.

Their magic allows the necromancer to either fight actively themselves or send hordes of undead minions into battle. A unique class mechanic, Necromancers have the ability to use the Book of Dead to determine exactly how their spells work.

How strong are Necromancers? Necromancers often have the problem that they are very limited by their summons and quickly reach their limits. Although you have a reasonably pleasant start, you will probably not belong to the strongest classes. However, the class mechanics can do a lot here.

Necromancer suits you if…

  • … you are totally into pet classes and when others fight for you
  • … you like to play dark fantasy classes
  • … you find scythes really cool as weapons
  • … you want to rule the battlefield with your undead warriors

Here’s the Necromancer trailer:

Diablo 4 Reveals Final Release Class In Trailer – See The Necromancer Here

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None of the classes suit me – now what?

The 5 featured classes are the first you can play in Diablo 4. There will be more classes at a later date, only when exactly is not yet known.

The 6th class has a high probability of becoming a paladin or crusader – exactly the class most of you want. Such an archetype is still missing in Diablo 4 and is expected to appear with the first expansion.

If you’re still unsure what you want to play, we’ve prepared a quiz for you. Just answer 10 short questions and we’ll tell you what suits you:

Diablo 4: Which class is right for me? 10 questions to help you decide

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