The Callisto Protocol adds new Contagion Mode and New Death Animations in DLC

Nuevo gameplay de The Callisto Protocol

The last paid DLC of The Callisto Protocol, The Contagion Bundle, is now available to all Season Pass owners. Adds Contagion mode with stronger enemies, fewer resources, and no manual save. Also, dying takes us back to the beginning of the chapter, making things more complicated.

There are also 14 new death animations for the protagonist Jacob. Assuming he doesn’t jump them, they’ll bite off his head, rip off his face, and more when he falls to the Biophages. You can also equip new player skins and weapons with the Watchtower Skin collection, which gives clothing a cool blue glow.

The Callisto Protocol season pass is $30, and the riot pack It will be the next DLC. Adds a new wave-based mode, Riot, and even more death animations. It also includes a story expansion, which will be released later this summer and will hopefully provide more answers by the end. You can read our review at this link.

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