The Hunter class in Diablo 4: Our guide for beginners

Diablo 4: Hunter Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)

who is in diablo 4 If you want to squabble with Lilith, Mother of Deception, you should probably first find out which class to tackle the demoness with. So we have this one for beginners Guide compiled, in which we give you the class Hunter want to present something more precisely, inclusive capabilities and talents.

The Hunter in Diablo 4: The Class Introduced

Whoever chooses the hunter has the same two different builds available, because it is possible both this class as a full-fledged ranged play out, as well as full-fledged melee. From a distance, the class bets on you arc or one crossbowon the other hand, come at the forefront sword and dagger for use.

If you choose the long-distance variant, you will get a character that strongly resembles the Demon Hunter remembered from Diablo 3. On the other hand, those who like to get in close contact and thus rely on melee weapons will quickly find parallels with Amazon from Diablo 2, such as high damage and mobility at the expense of defense.

  • Type: melee, ranged
  • resource: Energy
  • damage type: Physical, Frost, Poison, Shadow
  • Exclusive ability: One of three specializations
  • weapons: 1H swords, daggers, bows, crossbows

The hunter naturally causes high damage, both at range and in close combat. The class has a lot control skillsis extremely mobile and shines in all situations thanks to its flexible role. But that’s what the hunter is for difficult to masteris strongly dependent on the correct positioning and requires a tactically well thought-out approach from players.

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The Hunter in Diablo 4: The Attributes

No matter what role you want to take with the hunter, as soon as you have one level up have obtained, you can put points in the four main attributes invest: strength, intelligence, willpower and dexterity. So you not only get a general one, but also one class specific effect.

  • Strength: Increases resource gain by 0.1%, increases armor by 1
  • intelligence: Increases critical hit chance by 0.02%, increases all resistances by 0.05%
  • willpower: Increases overwhelm damage by 0.25%, improves healing received by 0.1%
  • skill: Increases skill damage by 0.1%, improves the chance to dodge attacks by 0.25%

The Hunter in Diablo 4: The Unique Mechanic Class Specialization System

Every class in diablo 4 has a whole exclusive mechanics, which adds more depth to your character and gives you more ways to customize your character to fit your own playstyle. The hunter bets on them class specializationwhich allows you to switch between three different specializations.

combo points

In this mode, the hunter’s basic skills generate so-called combo points, which can make certain other skills more powerful or give them additional effects.

inner view

In this mode, attack marked enemies to fill up the Inner Sight gauge. If you have filled the bar completely, skills no longer consume energy (resources).


At this time there is no information about this specialization.

Diablo 4: Hunter Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)
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The hunter in Diablo 4: The abilities of this class

You can now find them below capabilities, which the hunter will learn throughout your adventure. Compare this list with the talents and unique mechanics of this class to determine your personal desired class to design one that will make you feel comfortable beating up demons and best prepared for any eventuality.

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Diablo 4: Hunter Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)
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The hunter in Diablo 4: The talents of this class

Here you can see them exclusive talentsthat the hunter can learn. You’ll quickly find that some of these are better suited for close combat and some for long-range combat. Balance them with the abilities of the class and keep in mind the unique mechanics of the hunter to choose your favorite talents and for yours personal wish hunter to use.

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