The Last of Us: Episode 9 is so close to the PlayStation original – comparison

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Warning, spoilers follow: In episode 9 of The Last of Us Joel and Ellie must overcome what is arguably their biggest challenge yet and make sure their efforts so far are worth it were not in vain. How close this is to the PlayStation original, we look at below in our Comparison at.

Arrive in Salt Lake City

The beginning of the season finale shows us Ellie’s mother Anna and thus a character that we have in the template have not seen. There was though Plans for a prequel around Ellie’s parents, however, these mind games should ultimately come to nothing, because the project was never realised.

The subsequent scenes with our young protagonist and her companion Joel were for that pretty much taken from the game. We see Ellie a Feeding giraffe, as our The Last of Us heroine gazes into the distance with her father figure, both gazing after the herd. In addition, the outfits of the two characters Taken 1:1 from the game.

  • Ellie feeds a giraffe
  • Ellie and Joel look into the distance

Reunion with Marlene

After our main character duo is overwhelmed by some men, one ensues Reunion with Marlene and the Fireflies. Episode 9 of “The Last of Us” once again follows the plot of the PlayStation original closely and provides some scenes very accurate after.

These include, for example, Joel’s awakening next to Marlene, the bloodbathwhich he later hosted in the hospital and his intrusion into the OR, in which Ellie is being prepared for the procedure. In addition, his subsequent confrontation with the Firefly leader is also carried over into the series.

  • Joel wakes up next to Marlene
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  • Joel breaks into the OR

do you swear it

Finally, the end of the episode shows us how Joel, after he shot Marlene, driving down a street in a truck. In the back seat, like in the PlayStation game, Ellie regains consciousness and asks him what happened in the hospital, whereupon he mostly lies to her.

The dialogues became partial very accurately taken from the game, especially their final conversation when they’re almost back in Jackson. There, Ellie confronts Joel and wants to know if he told her the truth. He then replies, he swear told the truth to have. Both episode 9 and the PlayStation original end with Ellie’s uncertain look.

  • Joel is driving a car

Aside from the episode opener, The Last of Us season 1 finale also moves very close to the known template. All the key moments of the final leg of Joel and Ellie’s adventures have been retained and ruled very accurate implemented in the TV series.

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