The Last of Us: Prequel game was planned but not by Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 1, 2 or Left Behind - we wanted to know your favorite.

There are still untold stories in The Last of Us universe – for example a prequel.

Remember the news that The Last of Us was almost getting a second DLC? It would have revolved around Ellie’s mother and was even planned as a complete game in the meantime. A while ago, Naughty Dog even wanted to commission another, external development studio with this prequel title.

The Last of Us almost got a prequel and that was planned

Not just a DLC: As we all know, Left Behind is a prequel DLC to The Last of Us in which we see a young Ellie with Riley at the mall. But there was a second background story that was being talked about. First it was a short story, then it was supposed to be an animated film or a 2nd DLC.

Or a prequel game: In a new interview about the HBO film adaptation, Neil Druckmann now reveals that there was even the idea of ​​publishing this story directly as a whole, independent game. However, that would not have come from Naughty Dog.

“We spoke to another game company that potentially would have made it as a completely different game.

(via: comic book)

This is what it would have been about: In the same conversation, the director of both The Last of Us games also reveals that this prequel wasn’t just about Ellie’s mother Anna. Her biological father could also have played a bigger role in it.

The story about Ellie’s father has never been told in any The Last of Us game or in the HBO series. However, the prequel game could have featured Ellie’s birth as a highlight, as it also occurred in the film adaptation.

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Here you see it Teaser for the season finalewhich also features Ellie’s mother:

The Last of Us Series - Teaser prepares you for the season finale


The Last of Us Series – Teaser prepares you for the season finale

Hope dies last: There’s still a good chance we’ll get that story about Ellie’s parents, especially her father, and all that goes with it. At least that’s what Neil Druckmann thinks, he’s often actually expected a story to have failed – and got it wrong.

“I’m reluctant to say anything about it because, as I’ve found out several times now, stories that I thought had failed and never come out do sometimes see the light of day.”

The Last of Us 3 or 2nd season? Good opportunities to further expand The Last of Us universe should continue to open up in the future. In addition to the already announced The Last of Us multiplayer spinoff, there will definitely be a second season of the HBO series – possibly even more.

In it, story parts could definitely be told again that were not directly visible in The last of Us Part 2 game. Flashbacks and retrospectives were used a lot in the first season as well. Otherwise there are also tons of rumors and speculation about a third part of the game series.

Would you like to know more about Ellie’s father and mother? If so, what form would you prefer?