The Last of Us series hides a sweet token of love in the best scene

In the background of the scene there is a cute easter egg.

In the background of the scene there is a cute easter egg.

The series finale of HBO’s The Last of Us has now been released and fans will now have to wait a while for the second season to follow. In the last episode there is, among other things, the well-known scene to see in which some giraffes stroll through the ruined city. A former Naughty Dog developer is thrilled that a small but very important detail from the game has made it to the HBO series.

The Last of Us: Cute Easter Egg is dedicated to his wife

Current Media Molecule developer Peter Field designed some elements for The Last of Us. For example, he is responsible for the baseball sign that can be seen in the scene with the giraffes. The board can show the scores of the two teams, but after the apocalypse it is of no use.

Field is pleased that the sign made it from the game to the series. The little easter egg leaves him stunned for a reason:

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A sweet token of love: The name of the baseball field is on the sign. This is Bethany Clare Field. As Field explains, the name is derived from his wife’s real name. He’s thrilled that the love token made it onto the show, as he doesn’t think the HBO crew knew about the backstory.

On Reddit the VFX artist responsible for the giraffe scene in the series proudly posted a comparison between the game and the series. In the comments, the users drew his attention to the sweet story behind the board. Unfortunately, the artist did not respond to this, so it remains unclear whether he knew of this detail.

The only thing Field noticed was that the position of the scoreboard had changed. One fan feels that the placement in the series makes less sense than before, but it means the plaque isn’t as hidden in the bushes and Field’s wife’s name is more recognizable than it was in the game.

More Easter Eggs in the series

The baseball sign isn’t the only Easter egg that made it onto the show. For example, Tess’ lighter that we see in Episode 2 is from Uncharted 4.

Also in episode 5 there is an Easter Egg that was very closely based on the game. In the episode, Joel and Ellie come across drawings of children drawing Danny and Ish as their protectors. In the series, the fate of the troupe is told on little pieces of paper that can be found in the area.

Which Easter Eggs did you notice in the last episode?

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