Total War – Warhammer 3: The Chaos Dwarves are on their way – News

Total War - Warhammer 3: The Chaos Dwarves are on their way - News

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In April will be in Total War – Warhammer 3 the chaos dwarves bring mischief to the battlefields. In the new expansion Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs the new faction will be playable. The three legendary heroes who will lead your dark dwarves into battle are Astragoth Ironhand, Drazhoath the Ashen, and Zhatan the Black.

In the attached trailer for the expansion you can get a first impression and a possible explanation of how the dwarves became the followers of Chaos. The units are visually similar to those of the dwarves, who in Total War – Warhammer 3 build as compact fighters on high defense and have cannons as artillery. The chaos dwarves seem to rely more on magic and their engineering skills. Among other things, machines and magicians can be seen, as well as demonic fire creatures.

Like the other factions, the Chaos Dwarfs bring their own campaign mechanics and story elements with them. For example, they can corrupt relics, have special blueprints, subdue workers, and work on a giant drill that can drill through reality.

Also included is a fourth legendary hero: the hobgoblin Gorduz Backstabber and another swift cavalry unit made up of hobgoblins and wolves. The vampire heroine Ulrika Magdova is added free of charge outside of the expansion. The new expansion will be available on April 13th and will be available in the Steam shop until April 20th for 22.49 euros. The extension normally costs 24.99 euros.

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