Twitch streamer Asmongold falls for seemingly cute anime girl – “This just ruined my day”

Twitch streamer OkCode with his male avatar

As Asmongold, the American Zack is the biggest MMORPG streamer on Twitch. In a March 14 stream, he ventured into the “Genshin Impact” category on Twitch and promptly fell for an apparently cute anime girl.

How did the situation come about? Asmongold is actually known as a WoW streamer, but also deals with meta topics on Twitch and often reacts to content from reddit in the stream. In a March 14 stream, he was just in his own subreddit out and about when he came across a thread about action RPG Genshin Impact.

In the post, a viewer addressed something that Asmongold had already addressed: Genshin Impact’s presence on Twitch does not correspond to the game’s large community, and there are hardly any large streamers (via reddit).

Asmongold promptly moved to the “Genshin Impact” category on Twitch to confirm the claims, watching the most-watched stream of the moment: “I don’t know if this comes as a surprise to anyone, but the top streamer is a VTuber anime waifu” .

When he opened the stream, however, Asmongold was in for a surprise.

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“Wait a minute, is that a guy?”

What was that streamer? Asmongold had caught the stream of “OkCode,” one of the most watched streamers on Genshin Impact (via sullygnome). OkCode is a Vtuber, so it doesn’t show itself in streams, but uses an animated avatar that reflects its facial expressions and movements.

However, OkCode is not a woman, which Asmongold quickly learned after opening the stream and hearing the streamer speak, “Wait a minute, that’s a guy?”

Why did OkCode look like an anime girl? Asmongold opened up the stream at just the right time, as OkCode was just declaring that it could attract more viewers with a female model:

This chat [lacht]. I feel like by just switching to a female waifu model I get a lot more views.

This is what OkCode usually looks like in its streams

OkCode was still thinking aloud about maybe making a stream in which he can’t be heard at all, uses a female avatar and uses artificial intelligence to create a suitable voice. “Would you have done that?” cried Asmongold.

The MMORPG streamer eventually exited the stream saying, “This just ruined my whole day” and returned to his subreddit.

You can also watch the whole clip here:

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His viewers had little sympathy for the streamer, laughing at him in the chat for being baited by an alleged anime girl: he would have had a good time (via Twitter). Asmongold didn’t want to hear any more of the explanations that OkCode normally streams with a male model.

In the past, Asmongold had already done away with the prejudice of having something against Vtuberinnen. He actually thinks they are pretty clever because they would attract their viewers with “hot anime girls”:

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