TWW 3: The Chaos Dwarves conquer the Old World

The Chaos Dwarves march into battle heavily armored.

The long wait for new game content for Total War: Warhammer 3 is over. The Creative Assembly development team presents the new DLC Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs. With the new expansion for TWW3, the chaos dwarves come into play. The news isn’t a big surprise, as fans already suspected when Total War: Warhammer 3 was released that the Chaos Dwarves would one day be unleashed as a playable race on the Old World. The developers are celebrating the launch of Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs with a banging trailer!

Total War Warhammer 3: Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs – Trailer introduces new faction

When is the DLC coming out and how much does Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs cost?

In a video interview, TWW3 Game Director Rich Aldridge promised that the next major expansion will be out as early as April 2023. Yesterday, March 14, 2023, the developers confirmed the release date for the Chaos Dwarves. Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC is coming on April 13, 2023! The DLC will be released for all versions of Warhammer 3 on Steam, Epic and the Windows Store and costs 25 euros. However, the publishers are giving you a 10 percent discount if you pre-order Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs today.

Who are the Chaos Dwarves?

The Chaos Dwarfs are the new faction in Total War: Warhammer 3 (buy now €49.68 ). The Chaos Dwarves are descended from the ancestors of all Old World dwarves. They hiked to the northernmost tip of the country, which lies east of the Worlds Edge Mountains. To this day, this desolate wasteland is littered with countless bleached bones of all sorts of alien creatures. This gigantic graveyard with the black mountains are known in the old world as the lands of darkness. The first dwarves to settle there gave the land the name Tzorn Uzkul, which means Great Skull Land. Millennia ago, the onslaught of Chaos cut these dwarves off from other clans. The dwarves of the west believed that the storm of chaos claimed their brethren’s lives. But the truth was far worse: the magic of Chaos had not killed the dwarves in Tzorn Uzkul, but slowly changed and horribly mutated them.

The Chaos Dwarves march into battle heavily armored.
Source: Creative Assembly

In desperation, the few survivors began to worship a sinister fire deity named Hashut. While nearly all other dwarves practiced magic, the Chaos Dwarves (who call themselves Dawi’zharr) developed powerful mages who commanded the volcanic forces from the dark depths of the Old World.

What’s in Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs?

The Chaos Dwarfs get their own campaign with a starting point on the world map. They look very different from their dwarf cousins ​​from the west and impress with exciting game mechanics that combine dwarven forging with the dark magic of chaos. Chaos Dwarves players can look forward to these new features in TWW 3:

Zhatan the Black is one of three Legendary Commanders of the Chaos Dwarfs in TWW3.<br data-lazy-src=

Three new Legendary Commanders

The Chaos Dwarves use three legendary commanders right at the release, between which you can choose at the beginning of a new game. While each commander draws on Chaos Dwarf units, some have special abilities.

  • Astragoth Ironhand is the most powerful magician among the chaos dwarves. However, he is not only a powerful magician, but an exceptionally talented blacksmith. The magical mech suit in which he goes into battle makes him an overwhelming enemy.
  • Drazhoath the Ashen: This dwarf is the most powerful demonsmith among the chaos dwarves. Banished into exile, he has been trying to reclaim his place among the Chaos Dwarves for years.
  • Zhatan the Black: Zhatan is a brilliant general and a bloodthirsty warrior. His thirst for power and his insatiable thirst for blood are legendary, and he keeps the Demon Forge overheating day and night.

The Tower of Zharr - a preview of the Chaos Dwarves' political intrigue.

The Tower of Zharr – a preview of the Chaos Dwarves’ political intrigue.
Source: Creative Assembly

New campaign mechanics

The Chaos Dwarves impress with four unique game mechanics:

  • The Chaos Dwarves can unlock combat bonuses by investing in their infernal forges do special tasks.
  • The Tower of Zhar offers all Chaos Dwarf factions the opportunity to hold political office and unlocks all sorts of faction rewards. The fight for the seats should also offer great potential for political rank games and will primarily play an important role in multiplayer.
  • military convoys are the lynchpin of the Chaos Dwarf economy. She work similarly to the caravans from Cathay – only the chaos dwarves trade in war weapons instead of luxury goods.
  • Slavery and Labor Organization are also important. This keeps the forges running. Without slaves and workers, the demon forge will quickly run out of fire!

New units and game mechanics

The Chaos Dwarves draw their power from the hot blood of their god Hashut. To get to the lava, the chaos dwarves build a gigantic magical drill that drills through the ground just as it does through reality itself Big drill from Hashut To create, the Chaos Dwarves need relics from the ancient Dwarven Age. It’s not entirely clear how the mechanics of the Great Driller of Hashut work. However, we suspect that the Chaos Dwarves will have to collect all sorts of artifacts on the campaign map in order to advance to the Realms of Chaos with the magic drill.

A Lammasu attacks the hated dwarves from the north.

A Lammasu attacks the hated dwarves from the north.
Source: Creative Assembly

Unlike the classic dwarves, the chaos dwarves admire their mages and worship the demons of chaos. Combining their talent for blacksmithing with the raw power of chaos magic, they create unique war machines that can devastate entire regions in a matter of moments. Alongside these infernal war machines march all manner of monsters such as bull centaurs and mutant dwarves clad in heavy plate armor. Some high-ranking warlords ride into battle atop mystical lammasu, or winged demons. The Chaos Dwarfs offer plenty of game variety and are perfect for players who want to combine magic and technology.

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