Windows 10 update: This brings patch KB5023696

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The current versions of Windows 10 get a new update. The KB5023696 patch traditionally targets security leaks. That’s in the download.


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Unpopular but necessary: ​​the monthly Windows updates.

Windows 10 in the variants 22H2, 21H2 and 20H2 (Enterprise) gets a new update via settings. Patch KB5023696 brings the current build versions up to 1904x.2728. In addition to the bug fixes and innovations of the latest optional patch, current updates against security gaps are also included. We briefly summarize both points.

the patch KB5023696 for Windows 10 brings the contents of the package KB5022906 from February 21, 2023 with. As highlights, Microsoft lists updates for Spotlight, again bug fixes for Edge’s Internet Explorer mode and those for accessibility features. In Office or Microsoft Excel, links also did not work and a streaming app refused to work after the overlays were switched on.

On the current page for Security updates from Microsoft a number of vulnerabilities are listed for the March patch day. There are over 80 entries in the Security Update Guide. A total of nine of them are classified as critical. Two of them are considered zero-day vulnerabilities that have already been exploited. One of them allows attackers to gain higher rights via Outlook. The second vulnerability concerns the SmartScreen security tool. The vulnerability allows deeper security functions to be circumvented.

Other gaps can be found in the following programs and components, among others: Bluetooth drivers and services, Microsoft Edge, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office for Android, Windows Hyper-V, Visual Studio, Defender, Kernel and TPM.

As usual, the Windows updates should be imported promptly. Especially in productive operation when affected Microsoft software such as Office, Outlook or other services such as Azure, OneDrive and Co. are in use. If you have the appropriate permissions, open the settings and then the “Update & security” menu. In the first point you can search for current updates. Alternatively, the Update Catalog ready for manual installation.

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