Would you cheat in Pokémon GO if you didn’t get caught?

Would you cheat in Pokémon GO if you didn't get caught?

In Pokémon GO, the developers rely on an honest way of playing and spoofers are not always welcome in the community either. We at MeinMMO want to know from you how you feel about this topic and whether you would cheat if you could be sure that you wouldn’t get caught.

What are spoofers? In addition to the trainers who play Pokémon GO in a completely honest way, there are also a number of players who want to gain an advantage by cheating, so-called spoofers. With the help of special software, you change your GPS location and can travel all over the world from the comfort of your sofa.

However, this is not necessarily welcomed by the game developers and the community, which is why Niantic keeps cracking down on the spoofers and thus prevents one or the other trainer from doing it themselves. But how about knowing that you won’t get caught? That’s what we want to know from you in this post.

Is spoofing an option for you?

Cheating in Pokémon GO is not allowed and that’s why the developers keep taking action against these trainers. To enforce this rule, Niantic finds the spoofers in question at irregular intervals and bans them. First for a few hours, then days and finally forever. So there is some risk involved.

But what if the developers can’t catch you? Would you then cheat? Feel free to take part in the following survey anonymously or tell us openly in the comments why you made your decision:

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Benefits of spoofing and how it affects others

If you cheat in Pokémon GO and spoof around with your account, you can secure one or the other advantage. We have summarized below what this can be and what consequences it may have for other trainers.

Regional Pokemon: By manipulating GPS location, a spoofer can change location in the game relatively quickly. This allows him to meet monsters that are otherwise not easily found in the game. Above all, Pokémon that can only be caught in certain regions, but which are still missing to complete the PokéDex.

If you want to catch them honestly, you first have to travel long distances to other countries or, alternatively, wait until they can be caught at some event in Germany. So it can be tedious and tedious.

Here we show you which regional Pokémon are available and where you can find them.

High IV monsters: In addition, the rapid location changes also offer the chance to secure monsters with a high IV. There are maps managed by the community, especially in larger cities, in which encounters with monsters that have a perfect IV of 100% can be entered. Normally, you only have a short window of opportunity to secure this Pokemon, but it’s a no brainer for spoofers.

With just a few clicks you are at the specified location. This can mean that they can secure significantly more powerful monsters than honest players. What can be a good support for all participants in the raid can also quickly bring disadvantages in the GO battle league. So these trainers are quickly superior to others, which ultimately takes away the joy of playing.

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Collect coins: Another option that is much easier to use as a spoofer is to collect coins. As is well known, these can only be obtained by occupying arenas. But often there is a hard fight for this and you are quickly thrown out again. By changing the GPS location, the cheaters can fight and occupy the arenas again and again.

Again and again, however, to the chagrin of other coaches. Because there are also spoofers who claim the arenas for themselves via the number of maximum daily coins and thus empty the arenas again and again. Then other players cannot secure coins, which causes frustration. How exactly you can earn coins in Pokémon GO, we show you in the following article:

Earning coins in Pokémon GO – How the coin system works in 2023

lucky swap: In recent years, the number of trainer friends from abroad has also increased, at least since you have to collect postcards from different regions in order to collect the different forms of Vivillon.

Anyone who has diligently increased their friendship level and now has a lucky friend from abroad often cannot carry out the coveted exchange. By cheating, it is possible for the players to meet these trainers virtually, carry out the lucky exchange and thus secure a guaranteed lucky Pokémon.

So spoofing offers a lot of incentives compared to normal play, but it also has some impact on the game experience of other trainers. Often there can also be advantages here, such as support in the raid or a joint exchange of fortune, from which others also benefit.

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In other places, however, the honest trainers are also negatively influenced, namely when they do not receive any coins as a result, for example.

What is your opinion on spoofing? Have you tried it before? Or would you do it if you didn’t have to fear the consequences? If so, what would be your reasons for doing so? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

I, too, have dealt with the topic of “cheating” and found: “Spoofing is not as bad as many say”. You can read why I think so in my post.