Xbox Series S in the Gilded Hunter Bundle – The perfect bundle with starter bums

Gilded Hunter Pack for Fortnite

You are real gamerswho like fast laps, hard action and lots of fun in the living room at home, hadn’t found a good reason to join the Xbox Series S to buy from Microsoft? Then we have such a reason for you now, namely this Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle.

Microsoft’s lucrative offer doesn’t just include the powerful device that goes into the current generation of consoles belongs, but also fantastic bonus content for the hugely popular games Fortnite, rocket league and Fall Guyswith which you can basically experience endless hours of fun and adrenaline.

Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle: What do I get for my money?

For less than 300 euros you get the console first, of course, which currently still costs almost 275 euros on the market. And on top of that there is nine in-game items and virtual currency for the video games “Fortnite”, “Rocket League” and “Fall Guys”. So you can really let off steam.

With the Gilded Hunter Bundle you get free downloads for the three titles mentioned, without having to worry about anything, after all, the content is created during setup directly to the console, eliminating the need for codes and long taps. Just enjoy the lightning-fast loading times and Gameplay in 120 FPS.

Thanks to the console, you can bring the speed and power of the current generation into one extremely cheap price experience. On top of that, you benefit from Quick Resumewhich allows you to make the most of every minute of gameplay since you can seamlessly Switch back and forth between multiple game titles can. Just continue exactly where you left off before.

  • Xbox Series S: The speed and performance of the current console generation at a small price
  • Quick Resume: Lightning-fast loading times, easy switching between games and gameplay at up to 120 FPS; all thanks to Xbox Velocity Architecture
  • Easy streaming: Streams videos on VoD channels like Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video in 4K
  • Gigantic selection: Enjoy four generations of Xbox digital games with hundreds of streamlined titles that look and play better than ever
  • Fortnite Gilded Hunter Pack (1,000 V Bucks + Skins)
  • Rocket League Gilded Hunter Pack (1,000 credits + skins)
  • Fall Guys Gilded Hunter Pack (1,000 Show Bucks + Skins)
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Gilded Hunter Pack for Fortnite

Show your enemies your teeth: With the Hunter Saber Outfit you will become the feared, snarling and merciless hunter. And with the Saber’s Fang Pickaxe you wield the weapon from the legends and you are perfect for modern combat armed. Show yours unique style with The Hunt Begins Wrap and enjoy an additional 1,000 V-Bucks.

  • Hunter Saber outfit
  • Saber’s Fang Pickaxe
  • The Hunt Begins Wrap
  • 1,000 V Bucks
©People Can Fly/Epic Games

Gilded Hunter Pack for Rocket League

This bundle includes the Fennec Car, Huntress Decal, Orange Hexphase Boost, Titanium Astro CSX Wheels and on top of that 1,000 Rocket League Credits to spend as you please. Maybe for him Rocket League Pass Premium? Or for the construction of blueprints? Or other desirable content from the Item shop?

  • Fennec car
  • Huntress decal
  • Orange Hexphase Boost
  • Titanium Astro CSX rims
  • 1,000 Rocket League credits
Gilded Hunter Pack for Rocket League
© Psyonix

Gilded Hunter Pack for Fall Guys

Get colorful with this part of the Gilded Hunter bundle, which includes the Falltron Ultra costume, Falltronic emote, Falltronic nameplate, and 1,000 Showbucks. Use the currency to get the Fall Guys Season Pass or new costumescolors, patterns or even emotes that other players will envy you for.

  • Falltron UltraCostume
  • Falltronic emote
  • Falltronic name tag
  • 1,000 show bucks
Gilded Hunter Pack for Fall Guys
© Mediatonic Limited

High-end alternative: Xbox Series X 1TB + Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition

You think the Gilded Hunter Bundle is actually quite nice, but long for more power? Then this is it Series X Premium Bundle maybe just right for you. The lightning fast Xbox Series X is not only significantly more powerful than the S variant, in this case it also comes with the critically acclaimed racing game Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition.

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Explore the living and constantly evolving Open world landscape of Mexico in the fastest cars in the world and with massive ones 12 teraflops raw graphics performance. Let yourself be impressed by DirectX ray tracinga specially developed SSD and 4K gamingas only the Xbox Series X can deliver.

MICROSOFT Xbox Series X 1TB + Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition
©Microsoft Corporation

Thanks to the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition you are fully equipped, look forward to add-ons again Hot Wheels expansionto the Welcome Packthe VIP Membershipto the Car pass and, as soon as this is available, the second extension. And all on the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.

Still not sure if you’re even interested in Forza Horizon 5? No problem, just take a look at ours Test by Benjamin Brown rein, who put the game through its paces for you and describes in his detailed article what to expect in the racing game: Forza Horizon 5: Australia or Mexico? Anyway, the main thing is Forza!.

  • Xbox Series X console
  • Xbox Wireless Controller Carbon Black
  • High speed HDMI cable
  • Horizon 5 Premium Edition (Digital Direct)
Xbox Series S inside

Alternative for bargain hunters: The Xbox Series S 512 GB

Actually, you would like to have the slim one Xbox Series S in your house, but you can do without the excellent Gilded Hunter Bundle with content for “Fortnite”, “Fall Guys” and “Rocket League”? Then just get the console without the extra frills. The variant with 512GB storage space there is already for scarce 275 euros to have.

The compact and slim Xbox console guarantees you lots of gaming fun and with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you get access to 100+ great games from four generations of Xbox consoles, one EA Play Membership, Online multiplayer and all new Xbox Game Studios release day titles.

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thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture enjoy the rapid loading times. Powered by the specially designed 512GB NVMe SSD and controlled by Quick resume software This console guarantees you loading times in seconds and seamless switching between two game worlds. So you can spend more time gambling and less time waiting.