You fight in Diablo 4 against the woman who protects you – is Lilith really evil?

Diablo 4 shows new gameplay for the open beta – you can test it for free

In the upcoming Diablo 4 we already know two of our biggest opponents: Lilith and Inarius. Exactly the two of them created the world of Diablo in the first place. So why are we fighting them? The question is also driving fans.

Who is Lilith? The demon Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, the lord of hate. Together with the angel Inarius, she is responsible for the creation of Sanctuary and its inhabitants, the nephalem – who later became humans.

So Lilith is quite directly the “mother” of all humans and thus of all characters that we have played ourselves since Diablo 1. She even saved us from being wiped out by Inarius when he saw a danger in the nephalem and wanted to eradicate them.

In the Diablo 4 storyline, Lilith and Inarius return as major adversaries. They are already present in the trailers and stories, the whole plot revolves around them.

Worshiping Lilith is even a gameplay element that makes your characters stronger. Still, she’s the opponent we’ll probably all have to face sooner or later.

In our special you will learn the entire story of Lilith. You can see the epic encounter between the two lovers here:

Diablo 4: The release date trailer

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“People are less than slaves to them”

Is Lilith really evil? The short answer is yes, Lilith is evil at heart. She never saved us out of love or maternal affection, but because she has plans of her own for people.

Lilith wants to use nephalem and humans to further her own ends. Her trademarks are manipulation and seduction. Accordingly, she is an outstanding liar and excellent at misleading “ordinary” people.

In the Diablo supplemental works and books, it is made clear at several points that Lilith only needs humans as a means to an end. However, we do not know your goals exactly.

On reddit Fans are also debating why Lilith is actually an opponent in the game. One user explains it quite aptly:

[Menschen sind] fewer slaves, more cattle. She raises livestock to sacrifice to her ends. That means she doesn’t think twice before sacrificing humans in a ritual. To them, humans are less than slaves, which is already a fairly low hurdle.

That she doesn’t shy away from sacrifices can already be seen in the first cinematic of Diablo 4, in which Lilith is reborn through the blood sacrifices of several people. According to the user, humanity only receives protection because a farmer ultimately protects his herd from a wolf attack – after all, he wants to slaughter them himself.

In our quiz you can test your knowledge of Lilith and Inarius. The first cinematic of Diablo 4 shows the spectacular reincarnation of the demoness:

Diablo 4: The Reveal Trailer with Lilith

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Will we kill Lilith? We can’t say for sure yet. The Diablo games often have a pretty clear line with a direct fight of good versus evil. But already in Diablo 3 there were two big story twists.

Whether we really fight and kill Lilith, or whether she flees, or whether we can even side with her later, we will probably only find out long after the release of Diablo 4.

The fact that Lilith and Inarius were able to establish a cult among the people in Diablo 4 is due to the tragic events before. At the end of Diablo, the big villain of the Reaper of Souls expansion almost got his way:

An angel killed 90% of the humans in Diablo 3, getting fans excited for Diablo 4

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