A new card in Magic: The Gathering is only printed once – will be a one-off forever

Magic The Gathering LOTR the one ring

Magic: The Gathering released an expansion to The Lord of the Rings, and a special card is ducked only once.

The popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has introduced a new expansion. The special edition contains maps based on the LOTR universe and is called The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth.

One of the cards is so special that it is only ducked once.

What is this card? “A map to rule them,” reads the game’s website. LOTR connoisseurs will already guess that the special card can only be the one ring.

The ring will appear in a special edition foil card called The 1 of 1 Ring. In addition, he receives the matching serial number 001 of 001. In addition, the card is illustrated without a border, which also distinguishes it from the other LOTR cards.

As a special detail, the text on the card is not in German or English, but in the “black tongue of Sauron” and uses Tengwar characters accordingly.

How can you get the card? The card will only be printed once and can only be found in a single English language The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth Collector Booster (via magic.wizards.com).

What other LOTR cards are there? In addition to the one ring, MTG’s LOTR expansion also gets some well-known characters from the universe of the popular franchise. Here you can see an overview:

  • Frodo, Sauron’s Fall
  • Samwise the Bold
  • Gollum, persistent schemer
  • Gandalf the Grey
  • Tom Bombadil

There are also legendary locations such as Mount Doom, the Shire, and the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, as well as a map to an iconic scene: You shall not pass.

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What is Magic: The Gathering? Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game created by Richard Garfield in 1993. The game is aimed at fantasy and role-playing fans and is published by Wizards of the Coast.

For the 30th anniversary of the trading card game, Magic: The Gathering received a special edition that contains 60 cards and costs almost 1,000 euros.

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