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At Amazon there is currently the strong Meta Quest Pro VR Headset at its lowest price ever Offer. Anyone who has always wanted to get a taste of virtual reality is offered a particularly good opportunity.

With the Quest Pro, Meta offers an excellent alternative to the recently released PSVR2, the virtual reality headset from Sony. This comes without cables and you don’t have to rely on a PlayStation 5 to experience the immersive VR titles up close.

Meta Quest Pro in the unbeatable Amazon offer particularly cheap

While in the past you had to put a hefty sum of around 1,800 euros on the table for the Meta Quest Pro, with minor fluctuations, you can now get the VR headset from the Facebook group from Amazon at a price of 1,199 euros. In contrast to its RRP and its previous low price, which according to the miser amounts to 1,749 euros, you save a lot:

From a technical point of view, it is in no way inferior to the PlayStation alternative, quite the opposite: With the Meta Quest Pro, thanks to its full-color sensors, you can always display the real environment in the correct color, while with the PSVR2 you only have one gets played black and white version. In addition, the Meta VR headset even works completely wirelessly, which should be a clear advantage during sprawling virtual reality sessions, with which you no longer get tangled or restrict your movement.

What’s more, the Meta Quest Pro even works entirely without an accompanying console or PC. You are able to launch applications directly from the headset without using an additional device, let alone having to buy one. For completeness we have that PlayStation VR2 was of course put through its paces in our test.

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