Anno 1800: Campaign Solution on PS5 and Xbox Series X – Tips

The grid helps you to ensure that each warehouse and marketplace quickly reaches the houses and production facilities.

Anno 1800 – solution to the campaign: Even if most players will probably only hang around in the endless mode of Anno 1800, the campaign is actually the perfect start to find your way back into the game. Console players can now also start the popular strategy game on PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you are looking for a challenge, set the level of difficulty to the highest level and try to complete the chapters with a magnificent city. But since it’s not that easy, we’ll give you valuable tips on how to complete the build-up strategy game at the highest level of difficulty. reading tip: Anno 1800 production chains including optimization tips.

We go through chapter by chapter and devote ourselves to the tasks that await you in the course of this. It doesn’t matter whether Uncle Edvard suddenly asks you for work clothes or you send your war fleet to the South Seas: This is how you can deal with everything that Anno 1800 (buy now / €13.99 ) throws at the head. In addition to tips for beginners on the development strategy game, we also offer you a guide to the innovations of the Ubisoft adventure.

Solution to the campaign in Anno 1800

To make it easier for you to find your way around, we have of course divided the campaign into chapters. Simply click on the chapter in the overview to get to the page quickly and easily. We start on this page with the first chapter of Anno 1800.

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Chapter 1 – A Tale of Two Brothers

After you have grabbed the little tutorial and reached Ditchwater for the first time, Anno 1800 really begins. Getting started is relatively easy. You must first bring farmers to the island, build a market place and take care of the first welfare of your population.
Be careful not to overdo it at first. At first only build four to six farmhouses and a market place and wait until the first settlers arrive. Then you can build a lumberjack’s hut with a warehouse and sawmill on the right side and secure your supply of boards. From here you continue to upgrade until the first task is completed.

The grid helps you to ensure that each warehouse and marketplace quickly reaches the houses and production facilities.
Source: PCGames

Your next goal is to get 50 pawns. So keep building. Make sure that you build in a grid that ends with a marketplace. Through the streets that form a grid, the influence of the building reaches out to all residents. Once that you have grown, you must remove ruins. This is done with a simple click. Look for the arrow above the ruins with your camera at an angle.

The next goal is also connected to the expansion of your residents. Construct a fishery on the water (as far to the left as possible so that you still have room at the office afterwards). Half of the basic needs are already covered. The other part is supplied by the schnapps distillery, which is supplied with a potato plantation. We recommend building these further inland. Because the lateral areas at the beginning are more suitable for lumberjacks and port operations. Then build an inn and this task is already ticked off. Just in time, because Edvard demands four tons of schnapps from you. His boat is anchored in front of your office. He will report when your storages are full enough to complete the task. If you have problems with it, you can also ban individual farmers from using it in their houses.

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