At minute 28:54: The Last of Us fans think they spotted Abby in episode 9

Abby plays an important role in The Last of Us 2 and fans think they'll see her in the HBO series finale.

Abby plays an important role in The Last of Us 2 and fans think they’ll see her in the HBO series finale.

The HBO film adaptation of The Last of Us as a series can confidently be described as a complete success. The first season ended on a grand scale with Joel taking apart the entire Firefly hospital. One person escapes him, but we only get a glimpse of it: many fans think this character is Abby from The Last of Us 2.


The Last of Us Finale: Was That Shadow Really Abby?

That’s what it’s about: At the end of the first The Last of Us and in the season one finale we experience a dramatic climax. Joel kills himself across Firefly Hospital and that comes across as a whole tad more awkward on the show than it does in the game.

Who’s escaping here, Abby? If you stop the ninth and final episode exactly at minute 28:54 you will see a shadow flee from Joel. The person manages to escape from him.

Because the physique looks somewhat similar, and the human might also be sporting some kind of braid (and it would just go too well), many fans believe this shade could be Abby.

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Abby plays an extremely important role in the second part of the game series. Which exactly, we will not reveal here. Of course, if you already know the game, you know what we’re talking about – and how important Abby is. In these scenes, she might appear as a teenager.

The answer is: no. But now we know that this is definitely not meant to be Abby. At least that’s what Neil Druckmann explains in the Kinda Funny screencast to the season finale. He simply puts an end to this speculation and declares that the fans are wrong.

But in season 2 the real Abby is sure to show up. Everything we know so far about the next The Last of Us season can be read in this GamePro overview:

But Abby does appear in the season finale – just very differently and indirectly

Actress Cameo Appearance: In addition to Ashley Johnson (Ellie) as Anna, Ellie’s mother or Troy Baker (Joel) and Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Laura Bailey also returns in the series.

She voices and impersonates Abby in The Last of Us 2, but appears very briefly and differently in the HBO series. But she can definitely be seen, if only behind a mask.

Correct: as a nurse or surgical help. Behind one of these surgical masks is Laura Bailey, whom we met as Abby.

Which led to this really, really amusing tweet and picture – at least for everyone who knows how the sequel continues and how this scene is related to The Last of Us 2 and Abby:

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Will she play Abby in season 2? That’s not decided yet. But at least Neil Druckmann jokes that Laura Bailey wore a mask. Accordingly, she could of course still appear in all sorts of other roles later in the following season.

Did you guys think that was Abby too? Do you think Laura Bailey should play Abby in Season 2 of the show?