Beko: New oven with split cavity

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“Split & Cook”

The bPro 500 series from the manufacturer Beko is growing: With the BBVM13400XDS, the manufacturer promises an oven that has a divisible cooking chamber thanks to the “Split&Cook” function.


Beko: The BBVM13400XDS built-in oven allows two dishes to be prepared at the same time.
Beko: The BBVM13400XDS built-in oven allows two dishes to be prepared at the same time.
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With the new built-in oven BBVM13400XDS, kitchen specialist Beko has a new appliance in its portfolio, which is defined in particular by its “Split&Cook” function. Thanks to the divisible cooking chamber, two different dishes can be prepared at a temperature difference of up to 80 degrees – without the flavors being mixed, as the manufacturer promises.

According to Beko, the feature should not only save time, but also energy: The BBVM13400XDS oven, which already has energy efficiency class A+, should require up to 18 percent less power consumption. To use Split&Cook, a heat-insulating plate is placed in the middle of the cooking space, creating two sub-spaces.

The two cooking chambers are also equipped with their own fans with “AeroPerfect Technology”, which are responsible for distributing the hot air and guaranteeing even browning in both zones. The BBVM13400XDS should also be able to conveniently remove and place dishes in the two cooking chambers thanks to two telescopic pull-outs in the two halves.

As befits modern ovens, the BBVM13400XDS is operated via the built-in LC display and two rotary knobs. The settings enable temperature control in five-degree increments for both zones, and a timer can also be set for each. Basically, the oven has a total of 14 types of heating, ranging from classic circulating air and top/bottom heat to modes for defrosting and keeping warm.

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The Beko BBVM13400XDS is loud press release from the manufacturer is now available for a recommended retail price of 1,109 euros. The first dealers are already listing the built-in oven at significantly lower prices: the mail-order company Otto already has the oven for 659 euros on offer.

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