Bleak Faith: Forsaken: Developers want to exchange animations after allegations

Bleak Faith: Forsaken (Rollenspiel) von

According to the allegations, the developers of Bleak Faith Forsaken would have animations of Elden ring stolen, the Archangel Studios team is now making a statement.

It had already been explained beforesome animations not self-created, but by a Merchants on the Epic Marketplace to have bought. The content found there has now been deleted, he himself has apparently used numerous From Software titles. Now the developers want to replace those animations in Bleak Faith Forsaken with their own.

Bleak Faith Forsaken: Epic doesn’t want to take responsibility

Since Archangel Studios says they didn’t know the animations weren’t the retailer’s own creations, they turned to Epic themselves to investigate. On Steam the developers now shared the most unsatisfactory answerwhich was then received from Epic:

“Pursuant to the Marketplace Distribution Agreement, each Marketplace Seller represents and warrants to Epic that they have the appropriate rights to upload their Content. However, as with any store hosting third-party content, Epic is in no position to independently verify these rights and Epic does not guarantee buyers of this content.

Of course, this is of little help to Archangel Studios. In plain language, Epic’s statement finally means that you renounce any guilt and no responsibility takes over. The buyer should be liable for the purchased content and thus assume the consequences of possible fraud. In order to refute the allegations that the developers knew that the animations actually came from Elden Ring, they wanted to legally Replace problematic content now:

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“This is not satisfactory for us, so we have made the decision to replace the assets purchased from the store in the next few days. (Some changes were in the last patches, more coming in the next days). This was definitely an important lesson for us, and hopefully other indie developers as well, that assets in these stores don’t seem to be bought in good faith.”

Mixed opinions on Steam

Despite some outliers, the majority of commenters on Steam applaud the statement from the developers of Bleak Faith Forsaken. The game itself still doesn’t make it over you balanced rating average out, from almost 1,300 reviews only about two thirds are positive in nature.

Above all, technical aspects such as bugs or inaccurate hitboxes are criticized. Of a more curious nature are complaints about minute elevator ride, which players will face in the world of Bleak Faith Forsaken. If you are more interested in Elden Ring after the story, you can look forward to the upcoming DLC, about which we already have a lot of speculation and theories for you.