Casino streamer wants to poach top nerd from Twitch – Shows off earnings on new streaming site

Casino streamer wants to poach top nerd from Twitch - Shows off earnings on new streaming site

American Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam (32) became huge on Twitch with casino streams. After losing almost a quarter of his viewers due to new gambling regulations on the streaming platform, he switched to the new competition Kick. Now he is trying diligently to poach streamers.

What is Kick about? Twitch introduced new regulations on gambling on the platform in autumn 2022. The new rules banned certain websites, such as controversial online casino Stake, from being streamed or promoting them.

Those responsible at Stake then invested in a new streaming site: Kick. The new competition to Twitch lures with a 95/5 split for paid subscriptions. Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, the biggest gambling streamer on Twitch up to that point, stepped on board as “consultant and non-exclusive broadcaster.”

In the meantime, many other streamers who had had lucrative deals with Stake switched.

A lucrative target group for Kick are streamers who have been banned from Twitch and are now streaming successfully on YouTube, but without an exclusive contract. For example the controversial IShowSpeed ​​or the notorious DrDisrespect, which you can see in our video:

DrDisrespect was a celebrity on Twitch – His ban remains a big secret to this day

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Trainwreck shows how much you’re supposed to make on Kick

How does Trainwreck try to attract streamers? The 32-year-old never tires of emphasizing that Twitch doesn’t give its streamers enough credit. Everything is much better with Kick. In a March 10 tweet, he showed how much you could supposedly make on Kick.

A screenshot shows the number of paid subscriptions for the current stream and the resulting estimated income. With 57 subscribers and 3,470 gift subscriptions, over 16,000 US dollars should come together – with Twitch, most streamers would only receive half of it.

Trainwreck calls this a “new era of streaming.” The post received more than 5.2 million views. In the comments, content creators are impressed by the revenue opportunities, are openly considering a change and inquire about possibilities.

Is Asmongold going to the dark side?

How does Asmongold come into play? Also among the comments is Asmongold, Twitch’s biggest MMORPG streamer. However, the WoW nerd is also an outspoken critic of Twitch and has already ranted that excessive advertising would finish Twitch.

Asmongold comments on Trainwreck’s earnings in a neutral manner: That is much more than other websites in the live streaming area would offer. The casino streamer seems to sense his chance and even summons the ruler of the High Council of Titans from WoW: Aman’Thul.

“If Twitch doesn’t back you up with something nice like you deserve, I swear to Aman’thul I will,” replies Trainwreck, sounding a bit like he’s about to buy an engagement ring for Asmongold.

How does Asmongold react? He has not yet responded to Trainwreck’s comment. For the MMORPG streamer, it appears to have been more of a harmless flirtation with the competition, although the 32-year-old Trainwreck may have expected more.

It’s hard to say whether Asmongold is actually considering a move. However, he seems to stick with the saying that competition stimulates business. Perhaps the new platform will encourage Twitch to be a little more generous to its streamers so as not to lose them.

Because many content creators are unhappy about the proportion that Twitch puts into their own pockets:

28-year-old complains in tears that Twitch takes away half of her money – she works so much

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