CityDriver on Steam: Munich’s realistic car simulator has price and deadline

CityDriver on Steam: Munich's realistic car simulator has price and deadline

from Oliver Jaeger
Viewapp and Aerosoft have announced the release date and price for the simulator CityDriver on Steam. From June 5, you should be able to make the streets of Munich unsafe in the new automobile simulator for a price of 34.95 euros. Manufacturers and publishers promise a realistic gaming experience.

Anyone who would prefer to drive through Munich virtually in their car will soon be able to do so. Because the CityDriver from developer Viewapp and publisher Aerosoft, who are familiar with the simulation genre, will appear on Steam on June 5th. The two studios have now officially announced this. The vehicle simulation in Bavaria’s capital should then cost 34.95 euros.

Experience Munich’s traffic realistically with the CityDriver

According to the developers, CityDriver offers players detailed replica vehicles of various classes, including sedans, SUVs, coupes, compact cars or sports cars. These should be able to be controlled either by automatic or manual transmission and have different engines, such as combustion engines or electric motors. As is well known, the location of the CityDriver is the city of over a million inhabitants in the very south of the Federal Republic, which is also said to have been extremely realistically reproduced. There is even talk of a 1:1 replica. This includes large parts of the inner city, the inner-city freeway, expressways and federal roads.

Viewapp and Aerosoft never tire of emphasizing the closeness to reality. And so the CityDriver offers exactly that in terms of vehicle physics, graphics, sound and AI behavior with different vehicles and pedestrians. Everyday traffic simulations and missions should also be offered to the player in the “free ride” mode. There is also variety on the traffic training ground, where missions can be completed in driver training. Finally, Viewapp’s CityDriver and Aerosoft offer modding support, allowing players to add new cars or modify existing ones via Lua scripts.

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If you want to pass the time until June 5th and want to experience a virtual Munich now, not only from the perspective of a car driver, but from a tram driver’s perspective, you can also use an older development from Viewapp: it was published in 2021 Pursue TramSim Munich – The Tram Simulator.

Source: Viewapp/Aerosoft